10 Tips to Developing Your Intuition

People always ask if I was born with special ‘powers’. They ask if I always knew I could read minds or if I have a photographic memory. While I incorporate a lot of different skills in my performances and presentations, every single person is capable of doing exactly what I do. And since we are currently immersed in the Halloween season, a time when real Magic oozes out of everywhere, it seems a perfect moment to develop our intuitive powers or strengthen the ones we already have.

At Halloween the veil between worlds and dimensions is at its thinnest. Because of the ease of flowing into different realms, we have a stronger ability to access our well of wisdom within. Now is a wonderful time to ask questions and divine the answers, to deepen our connection with our intuition and to strengthen our relationship with ourselves.

Why not reclaim the ancient wise woman or man within? When we are connected with our intuition we make better choices, we attract positive situations and create desired opportunities, our relationships improve, we thrive in our jobs and careers and most powerfully we enjoy our lives more fully. All of these things happen when we can hear our guidance and have the trust to listen and act.

I invite you this Halloween to dive in. Light the cauldron inside.  Wear the costume of a powerful and intuitive person who can see situations clearly and who makes the most empowered choices in each moment. Allow this costume to become the reality that is you.



 10 Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition


Spending time in the outdoors is the number one way that I tap into my intuition (for you it might be in the shower).  When we are outside our cognitive thinking mind relaxes. Being away from the world of sound and technology, we allow our intuition to speak to us. Often the trees, clouds and wind will whisper revealing messages to us.



When we are involved in a creative activity like drawing, painting or playing an instrument, we become lost in creating. Our usual linear brain gets out of the way and a type of flow can develop allowing new ideas and insights to arise. Lose yourself in your art.


Pay Attention to Your Five Major Senses

We are so busy going through our day that we don’t even stop to pay attention to the sounds, smells and sights around us. Develop a ‘stop and smell the flowers’ attitude. The more you can slow down and notice, the more information you will become aware of… Information that has many secrets and answers for you.


Awaken and Pay Attention to your Psychic Senses

There is a plethora of ways to pick up on information. While often one will have a strong leaning and natural talent for one or two psychic senses, we can strengthen and learn to use all of our psychic senses to access our intuition and psychic powers.

Here are five distinct different ways that we can pick up on information:

Clairvoyant- The psychic ability of seeing.

Clairsentient The psychic talent of feeling.

Clairaudience The psychic skill of hearing.

Clairgustance the psychic power of tasting.

Clairessence: The psychic ability of smelling.

Claircognisence The psychic ability of knowing.

Personally I use a combination of the above… With claircognisence and clairessence probably being two of my most developed… That’s right, I can smell aromas that aren’t actually in the room which helps in my intuition.


Trust Yourself

Often I think it is not that we don’t know what is right but that we don’t trust ourselves. Practice acting on what you feel is right. Just like anything, the more you practice trusting yourself and following your hunches, the more you will begin to truly trust yourself.



When we are constantly busy and working to achieve then we cannot hear our intuition, even though it may be screaming at us. Take time to slow down and listen. Listen to yourself and all that is going on around you. Cultivate a meditation practice where you spend at least five minutes (if not more) every day simply sitting and focusing on your breath.



Free flow stream of consciousness writing allows the subconscious out. Answers to problems can come when we aren’t consciously thinking about them. Occasionally try writing with your non dominant hand. Ask a question and write the answer without even thinking about what you are writing.


Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Dreams speak to us in a different language. The language dreams speak in is the language of magic. Keep a dream journal by your bed and write down what you remember about your dreams. Later you can let your intuition guide you to the meaning of the dream. You can even ask yourself a question before you go to sleep and program your dream to give you an answer.


Practice Psychic Games by Yourself or With Friends

Team up with a friend. One of you is the sender and the other the receiver. Decide on what kinds of images you will be sending to each other. You can send anything…colors, words or numbers. Close your eyes and imagine a tube connecting each of your minds. The sender imagines sending a crystal clear image of what they are thinking of to the receiver. The receiver imagines the tube and the image coming through the tube. Switch roles. Practice! Practice! Practice!


Free Flow

Allow your mind to simply drift for 30 minutes every day. Wherever it goes is the right place. Allow fantastical images and when they appear go with them. Don’t resist. Let the thoughts magically flow.



Wishing for you a deepening connection with your intuitive power!

As your intuitive power grows, so does your confidence and your ability to make decisions that lead to wonderful outcomes in your professional and personal life!