Women’s Events and Conferences

Looking for a Female Speaker to empower, entertain and educate at your upcoming event specifically for women?DSC_0216

Erica Sodos’s Topics Include:

*How to tap into our unlimited power as women, tools to overcome self-limiting ways of thinking and empowering strategies for when we get stuck.

*Delving into the interchangeable world of magic and power in relation to women. Erica examines the reasons women in magic and other powerful professions are so rare and how to change this reality.

*Exploring women’s intuition and uncovering what we are capable of when we have confidence and believe in ourselves.

Erica Sodos combines historical facts, fascinating commentary and stunning magic and mind reading effects to create presentations that leave her audiences entertained, transformed and filled with inspiring new information.

Erica has performed for all types of women’s events including:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Women Studies Groups
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Women’s Adventure Groups
  • Retirement Groups
  • Women’s Festivals
  • Networking Functions
  • Women’s Health Organizations

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