Dragonfly Portals to Justice

One of the first things I do every morning is get outside. Connecting with the elements, breathing fresh air and noticing the wonders right in my neighborhood and backyard, start my day on the right track, open my senses and automatically orient me towards gratitude. Walking is good exercise and fills the body with oxygen and energy. I bring this up because I really want to share with you my experience this  morning as it shocked me and saddened me.

As a vegan I do my best to never harm or kill any kind of being. I work to never participate in industries that abuse animals… However I LOVE to find all kinds of beings that are already dead, and put them on my death altar. Check out this sweet beauty who had already passed and I found sitting on the sidewalk.

Dragonflies!!!! In a little neighborhood park there were easily 25 to 50 dragonflies flying around a certain area. It was mesmerizing! Dragonflies open portals to other dimensions and help us access much needed magic. Now while I realize this is a pretty woo woo way to view dragonflies, this is certainly one of the aspects of why this morning’s dragonfly experience was so enchanting. However, even from a non woo woo perspective it was just so damn cool to see so many little beautiful flying beings swarming together.

I bring this up because many people passed me as I was trancing out, and not one person even looked over and noticed the dragonflies. I found it perplexing. Even from a non woo standpoint it seemed odd that people weren’t curious what I was looking at, or noticing the natural beauty occurring right whey they walked.

I realize I am the ultimate stop and smell the flowers kind of human. In my wild and chaotic garden, I notice the very moment the first shoots come out of the ground from a seed I deeply buried in the ground. I am aware of every change of a bud growing– from when it appears to all the way past the flowering to the death of the flower. I love nature and am constantly in awe with her aliveness and magic. Humans may have forgotten this fact but we too are part of nature. Maybe some would find my focus on the natural world extreme. Mother Earth is our mother and provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive, so why not give her lotsa love and appreciation?!!?!

The other end of the spectrum of course, is paying no attention to nature, to rainbows, and in this case dragonflies. Beauty is everywhere begging us to look. When we open and notice, we realize we are less alone then we thought and our existence has more meaning and purpose. Life becomes fuller and we become healthier and happier people when we pay attention.

In magic where one puts their attention is a key ingredient in a good performance. As a magician I ask you to focus, look around you and notice what is growing, stagnating or dying. Allow these processes to move and inspire you. At this transformational time in history when issues of justice are in the forefront and a national pandemic is changing everything– Dismantling wants to happen. We can be present to this dismantling when we pay attention. An elephant could walk into a room and no one would even see them if a magician was talented at controlling perception.

Right now the incredible amount of injustices to black people, our failing health system and our unethical cruel food industries are just some issues coming into clearer focus.

Let’s open our eyes and look in front, to the sides and in back of us. Let’s allow the pandemic and everything else that’s happening in the world right now to change us, and give us the power and magic to transform our world into a better place. This is a pivotal time in history and I have great hope that we can make the positive changes we need. By paying attention to natural wonders all around us, as well as questioning and looking deeper at habits, our systems and the news….. we can together wake up and create a just world for human and non human animals, and work hard to respect , honor and save planet earth and all life.

Dragonflies ask us to open portals… Now is the time. Let’s do this.