Earth Magic

Most people want to wake up inspired and happy to be alive. We long to feel connection to something greater than just our own personal spheres, we crave meaning. The need to experience wonder, a sense of magic and possibility are vital for a healthy life. One of the easiest and most obvious ways that we are able to feel connection, wonder and magic is often ignored. This never ending marvel around us at all times, providing us with all that we breathe, drink and eat; the source of everything –- Earth, who is our Provider, Sustainer and Mother. Of course, as I know you know, because of our inattention to her, the Earth in all her forms- water, plants, ecosystems, animals– are suffering, and the biodiversity and health of the planet declining. Now is the time for all of us to wake up to the wonder of life everywhere, and feel our connection to everything, if we want life on this planet to stand a chance. When we are grateful for and open to the beauty and amazement that is our planet, we naturally feel better, become more open and alive, as well as begin to make choices that will be less harmful to Earth.

The term biophilia means love of life or living systems. This term was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital. Edward O Wilson, introduced and popularized this hypothesis “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.”

Personally, I am a biophiliac—I love all of nature, the plethora of plants and the entirety of animals that share this planet with us, and I need to connect with nature to survive.

Often I ask trees questions, and they answer!

There have been many studies demonstrating the importance of spending time in nature and its effects on our own healing capacities. Patients in hospitals heal faster when they have a window in their room, and especially when they can see a tree. Nature is especially important now at a time when it seems like technology is taking over the world and our abilities to connect to anything that’s ‘natural’. And we must see the importance of the environment if we are to preserve any of it from the never ending development and construction.

Connecting with and appreciating Earth is one of my greatest joys— Weather teaches me constantly that nothing is stable (especially Colorado weather!!!).  Nature teaches me to be present, and that there is a divinity and power everywhere, especially in silence.

I obviously love the term The Magic Within, since this is what I name my current show, however sometimes we have to go into the Magic Without to find the Magic Within. Let’s go into the ultimate of the Magic Without– The Magic Outside!

In honor of everyday being Earth day and with my hope that someday we will create an Earth honoring world, I am sharing with you here an excerpt from my book The Mpath, Journey to the Magic Within:

One of the ways we can access our helpers and open up to our Magic Within is by spending time in nature.  When we appreciate the beauty of nature, we awaken to something larger and develop a greater belief in what is possible.  Communing with trees, rivers, and flowers takes us into an altered reality where anything becomes possible. The reality police don’t exist while watching a sunset. When I am out in nature, the different winds singing through the tall grasses each have a unique message they reveal to me; the smell of the trees awakens worlds around and through me; and, while connecting to the roots of the trees, I feel grounded to the Earth.  My all-time favorite bumper proudly states, “Nature is My Church.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Find a time to walk in nature.  Bring a notebook with you.  Many of the geniuses of our time carry a notebook with them so that, whenever they receive an insight or piece of wisdom, instead of risking the chance of forgetting it they record it in their notebook.

As you begin your walk, ask that you meet some of your allies.  You may want to walk slowly and pay attention to all of your surroundings.  Remain open and aware.  Have fun on your walk.

Record your observations and magical meetings.

I hope you can find time this season to spend lots of moments outside, savoring what you see, hear and experience– Appreciating the birds singing, the wild shapes of the clouds and the unexpected chaos which can sometimes be nature. We only have one Earth. Let’s remember her beauty, be grateful for all the sustenance we receive and make choices that honor our planet.