Enchantment, Three Tips to Open

If you are anything like me you LOVE Harry Potter and wish you could enroll in Hogwarts in order to immerse yourself in enchanting magical fun. You fight the ‘Reality Police” everyday and know that there is something more then just the same old same old. Well, unfortunately I still haven’t found Hogwarts (I will let you know if and when I do) however, fortunately I do believe magic is everywhere if we only allow ourselves to open to it.

I see and experience so much magic in the natural world it’s

Often I ask trees questions and they answer!

amazing….There is also sooooo much magic living right inside us if we only look and allow ourselves access. Some of the magical tools we all possess are our memories, our intuition, our abilities to think critically, and of course our powerful imagination and ability to wonder.

Without going into the details right now on how to access each specific power, I would like to give three tips on how to begin to free up space that will allow your powers to flourish…. And to more fully step into the marvel that is you!


If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times—Meditate! And sorry to say, it is true, meditation is effective and supreme. When your mind is clear and focused and your body relaxed and calm, you can access information, open portals and allow more magic into your life. There are many different ways to meditate and below I suggest some of these ways– If you feel drawn to one style over another you can research via online and will likely find a plethora of information to help you on your journey. It is important to note that there is no right and wrong way when it comes to meditation. (I often say that rules can be very limiting to magic). It is extremely common and inevitable that the mind will be actively trying to pull you in many different directions while you meditate— So no judgement. The monkey mind is part of mediation, so accept and work with it. In any form of meditation when you notice you are distracted and somewhere else, gently bring your mind back to what you are doing and where you are…. It doesn’t matter if the whole time you are sitting all you are doing is bringing the mind back over and over again. This is part of the magic that is meditation, and over time you will be able to calm your mind more and more……

Five Different Styles of Meditation

Quadruple Magic! Meditating Outside!!!!

Vipassana Focusing on the Breath. Notice the cool air as it enters your nostrils and the warm air as it exists. Simply be present and notice the breath. That’s the whole practice!

Guided- A Journey meditation that guides you somewhere…. Perhaps you are going into the center of the earth, or imagining a golden healing light filling your body. This kind of meditation is fun and creative. Insight Timer is a free app you can download on your phone with a gazillion different guided meditations.

Loving Kindness- Also known as metta meditation. This type of meditation is about opening your heart to the world. Breathe in the pain of those you know and those you don’t know, animals and people suffereing— And breathe out compassion and kindness to all beings everywhere.  Metta meditation is about opening our hearts and developing more empathy.

Mantra- Chanting or using sound/words for a desired effect. Is there a deity you admire that has a special empowering chant? You can choose a sound, word or phrase and sing it over and over again taking you into a deep meditative trance.

Body Scanning- Paying attention to sensations in the body. Start at the top of your head and notice all the sensations you feel, then progress down to every single part of your body. If an area is screaming to you simply stay there until another place calls you… Do you feel heat, pressure, calm, tension, pleasure etc.? Become grounded in your present experience.

I hope these ideas inspired you! Why not start today with five minutes of meditation? You got this!


There is soooooo much magic and enchantment to be experienced outside in the natural world. The changes of the seasons, the growth and death of plants, and the plethora of animals and spirits living outside — It is freaking  EPIC! Personally I don’t think we were meant to spend all day everyday inside of a structure away from the natural elements. The moral of this story is me inviting you to spend more time outside- Especially now! The transition from Winter to Spring holds such astonishment as the buds begin to bloom and life sprouts from the dark deep soil covered with snow.

When you are outside notice everything around you, use all your senses, including your psychic senses. Breathe the air, feel it filling and rejuvenating you, you can even infuse the air with a color or an intention. Hug trees. Ask for guidance when you begin your walk and notice insights and messages you receive. Connect to the plants growing around you. Welcome playfulness and wonder.

I wish you luck! The very first thing I do everyday is go for a walk and connect with Momma Earth, air, water and sun. I always return home refreshed and filled with wonder–  Whether it is the Canadian Geese flying above me, a dragonfly opening a portal or a mystical shape in the ice or clouds, I am enchanted.


Some of us are obvious creatives, we may make our living by designing, performing or composing. We may be  a painter or a healer, and while these professions seem obviously creative, every single one of is and can be creative! We all have stories waiting to come out of us, concoctions we would like to brew up and playfulness begging to be expressed. How do you like to express yourself? What artistic medium have you always dreamed of learning? How would your body move if movement was the only way we communicated with each other?

I invite you to stop reading this now and move your body how your body wants to move, draw spontaneously and see what happens, scream to the heavens or write your deepest longings…..

I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like without creative expression. Likely I would be dead or in an asylum (she says half joking yet serious). As a little girl growing up amongst fighting and trauma I started making up plays with my ‘invisible friends’. I acted (like in theater) and released my way through the pain, and I continue to do this even now. For many years I performed my solo show called Nothing is Sacred, One Woman’s Journey from Obsession to Self Love. I spent half the show in a trash can to demonstrate what it feels like when we are stuck in our own crap.

I ask you– What emotion do you feel is stuck inside? Can you make it beautiful? Creativity is the ultimate in magic— Finding humor in pain can cause spontaneous cathartic relief– And when you are allowing everything to flow through you, you will be surprised at the abundance of enchantment you feel. I cannot wait to see what you, my friend, create!

There you have it! Three of my favorite tools that help me each and every day. I hope they inspire you, and that you apply one or more of these practices to your life, and you wake up tomorrow a little more excited, a little more open and a lot more magical!