Five Magic Tips For Welcoming 2017


There is a collective Magic that occurs at this time of the year. Whatever Winter holidays a person celebrates and however they honor the new year, there is definitely a power occurring that is shared all over the world and for millions of people. When we honor the changes that occur regarding weather and seasons, as well as the changes that happen in our personal lives, we allow more Magic into our lives. Oh what power occurs in paying attention!



happynew year


Here are five Magic tips to ushering in 2017

-Take time to honor all that you have accomplished in 2016! Even if the achievements seems insignificant, it is still valuable to take time to acknowledge all of our successes and accomplishments. What we pay attention to grows so this will allow our successes to grow even more in 2017.

-What were your challenges in 2016? Honor them too! Take note of all your struggles so that you can deepen your awareness and learn from your experiences. We need to rename and redefine the word mistake to mean awesome powerful learning lesson.

-Write a letter to yourself from the future describing where you are at this time in exactly one year. What would you say to yourself and what guidance would you give to yourself now from your future self?  Open this letter in a year.

-Choose a word for 2017. Feel into your word and embody it. Energize this word throughout the year by posting it all over your house, creating a storyboard and infuse your life with your word in a variety of creative and fun ways.

-What would each day be like if you woke up everyday as if it was the first day and the last day of your life? As you think about and make plans regarding your intentions, goals and resolutions for 2017, remember to imbue the Magic of this type of presence each day. Live each day like it was your first day on this planet. Live each day like it will be your last. See what Magic happens!

Happy and Magical New Year!

May it be Your Best Year Yet!