Five Tips To Create Magical Virtual Events

Here we are, a little over a year since Covid started. Vaccines are being administered (Yay!) and the outside world slowly opening. While life will shift again, the land of virtual is here to stay. Having discovered the blessings of virtual events (worldwide connection, price etc), even when we are able to have live events, I know I will continue to inspire and entertain folks through the screen of my computer. I have to tell you, I love performing/presenting virtually.

Having now performed at many different kinds of virtual events, on a variety of platforms, I realize virtual is an art all unto itself. One of the many definitions of magic is: wonderful and exciting. My specialty has always been creating magical experiences for my audiences (besides fun of course, I am an expert in that too). I thought it would be helpful to share a bit of what I observed in how to create a successful (and magical) virtual event. So that if you find yourself in need of planning something virtually, you can ensure it will be successful, fun, bonding, and satisfying.

Virtual Events Seem to Be Best When They Are:

Interactive – In order to ensure that it doesn’t feel like a TV show, people must be involved! When people are involved they stay more focused, feel more purpose and have a much better, more memorable and fun experience. There are a gazillion ways to incorporate audience involvement- questions, movement, activities etc…..

Relevant – Creating an event that is aligned with the purpose and mission of the group is mandatory. It helps people feel special and they walk away feeling appreciated and seen. Some events send attendees the same virtual background, shirt and drink- which helps with teambuilding.

Engaging- Having people participate via comments, zoom applause (yes create a visual cue), breakout sessions with time to engage, hiring engaging professionals. Keep it fun, alive and inspiring. What engages you?

Multi-Faceted – Even though it’s a virtual event, there can be objects or drinks attendees need to grab to during the event. Event planner can mail everybody something that they will use together. Example- for a magic show all event goers can receive a deck of cards so they can do their own mindblowing card magic. The deck can even be branded.

Creative This is where it can really get fun, many people have found ways to keep their art and biz going by learning how to adapt to virtual. You can hire a plethora of talented creative folk for your event– One can bring in party games, quiz/trivia, a yoga teacher, a chef, musician, hairdresser, psychic and of course magician 😊

Don’t forget to consider time Zones and hosting platform- May take some researching and planning to ensure the smoothest experience.

Virtual events can be fun and inspiring, they bring people together no matter the distance.

Magic is especially awesome virtually ,because lets face it- everybody has a front row seat and everybody gets to be a part of the action. At least in they way I do my shows 😊

Wishing you a magical experience!