Flower Walk to Enliven Your Magic

One of the ways we can access our Power and Magic is by spending time in nature. When we appreciate the beauty of nature, we awaken to something larger and develop a greater belief in what is possible. Communing with trees, rivers, and flowers takes us into an altered reality where anything becomes possible. The reality police don’t exist while watching a sunset. When I am out in nature, the different winds singing through the tall grasses each have a unique message they reveal to me; the smell of the trees awakens worlds around and through me; and, while connecting to the roots of a plant, I feel grounded to the Earth. My all-time favorite bumper proudly states, “Nature is My Church.” I couldn’t agree more.

I spotted this stunning beauty at a hike today!

I spotted this stunning beauty at a hike today!


Find a time to walk in nature. Bring a notebook with you. Many of the geniuses of our time carry a notebook with them so that, whenever they receive an insight or piece of wisdom, instead of risking the chance of forgetting it they record it in their notebook.

Find a flower that really captures your interest.  Stare at it; see shapes and sizes and textures that you have never seen in it before. Lose yourself in your spring flower.  Enjoy the strong fragrance that your flower may give off.  Merge with the growing alive being in front of you. It can sometimes help to relax your eyes and let your focus soften.  Remain open and aware and record any Magic and epiphanies that your flower may reveal to you.

Happy Flower Magic-ing!