Fun Tools To Help Improve Your Memory

Lately I have been presenting my magical talk about how to improve your memory.  Here are a few secrets that we cover in my talks and workshops.  I hope you enjoy and that you find a seed to help you access a bit more of your practical magic in the form of memory!
1.Better Listening
—-don’t interrupt!
—-Count to 3 after the person is done talking
— Take out your opinion and judgements
2. Stay on Track
Before you even walk into a room visualize why you are going there and what you want, this will keep you on track so you don’t walk into a room and forget why you were even there!
3. Put things in regular fixed places!
4.Create a Picture in your mind of what you are wanting to remember.  The key is to use your vivid imagination, humor and exaggeration.
5.Use your Senses
The more you can smell, taste, touch, hear, see that which you are wanting to remember the better chance there will be that you will remember it!
6. Make Associations
We need to put information in our head in a way that makes sense, association helps!
7.Talk to Yourself
If we verbalize out loud what we are wanting to remember this solidifies and deepens our capacity to remember!
8. Repetition
The more you do something the more you will remember it.
9.Do it Now
Work to avoid distractions.
10. Change a Pattern
This is similar to tying a ribbon around your finger.  Give yourself trigger images that remind you of something so you don’t forget.
11. Be Engaged and Focused
-turn off TV, music etc…..
-Pause and review-
When leaving a room look around and ask yourself if you have everything you need.
– The more involved you are in something the more ability you have to remember it.
12. Review Before Sleep
It has been scientifically proven that information reviewed before sleep penetrates our subconscious and aids in memory.
Secrets to Remember Names:
1. When you meet someone say their name right after they say it.  Use it once during the conversation and when you say good bye use their name again.  (Don’t worry about looking creepy, people love to hear their name!)
2. Associate.  Create an interesting image/association with their name.  Associate it with a famous person or someone already in your life.
3. See their name spelled out on their forehead.  As you are talking to them make the letters as real as you can and when you see them again you will envision the name on their forehead.
4. If you can right after you meet a person (or lots of people) take notes about them… ie. Red hair, interesting nose etc.  Review this list as soon as you have space to do so and again before you go to bed.  Really work to remember each person and their name and when you see them you will remember!