Harness the Magic of Gratitude: 4 Terrific Tips

It is true for all of us that life is a journey full of ups and downs. Whether it is an internal feeling about one’s life or the state of the world, sometimes it can feel hard to keep your chin up. I get this. Welcome to being human. You might say, “When things are going great then I am grateful but when things are falling apart that’s a different story.” Staying open to gratitude in each moment allows more Magic to happen. When we are exceptionally grateful while things are going awesome the awesome only blooms more. When we are thankful in the midst of trouble and problems we allow ourselves to feel the fullness of life, we can find joy even in the darkness and our life then becomes more manageable.

Sometimes we become so focused on what we want and how we need to change that we neglect to remember all the blessings and Magic we already have in our lives. One of the most powerful things we can do is to remember, pay great attention to, and focus on that for which we are most grateful. Every day and in each moment.

Feeling grateful creates new relationships and improves our current relationships. When we feel thankful for our lives, we are clearer and more mentally alert, we have more empathy and understanding and we sleep better. All of these benefits are superb, but in basic terms when we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude we are happier and healthier. Gratitude doesn’t take practice or cost any money and the benefits are enormous.



Four Terrific Tips to Cultivate More Gratitude


Gratitude Walk

This is one of my favorite ways. One of the many things I am overwhelmingly grateful for is my wonderful four legged friend, Alchemy the Mystic Marshmellow. Every morning we walk. Often while walking I think about all the different things in my life I am grateful for and I get specific. When thinking of my dog I think of all the different ways that I am grateful, whether it is the love he brings into my life or his silly smile or how he inspires me to spend large amounts of time outside. I also appreciate everything I see such as clouds, trees and birds. I allow everything to move me into gratitude. I think of my life and all the blessings in it. I breathe into this gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just a thought, it is a feeling. The more you know what gratitude feels like in your body, the more you are able to call on gratitude,  and you can ultimately learn to access gratitude even in challenging moments. I encourage you to take a gratitude walk today!


Thank You Letters

This is one I have known about for a long time and that I plan to incorporate more into my life. Writing letters of gratitude to those who have helped, supported or inspired you is wonderful. Not only is expressing your gratitude to others in writing good for you but you make the recipient of your letter feel fabulous. We need to give thanks more often  and compliment others frequently.


Gratitude Journal

In the morning, before you go to bed or any time that seems appropriate write down everything you are grateful for. You can also ask yourself certain questions that will motivate gratitude inside of you. Questions such as: What inspired me or made me happy today? What moving and magical experiences occurred recently? By writing your   blessings and gratitude down you solidify them more and allow extra Magic in and you will feel great! Keeping a gratitude journal going for at least 30 days has been known to change a person’s life.


Senses Rock!

OMG words don’t come close to how much I am grateful for my senses. We experience amazing magic through our senses. Utilize your senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste in experiencing gratitude.


Gratitude Exercise

Take some deep breaths. Feel your body sitting in your chair or on the floor if that’s what you like. Look around and merely notice. So much magic is to be found in simply being. Being open. Being aware.

What are you grateful for? What amazing blessings do you have in your life right now? Write them down and as you write down each gift you have in your life, deeply connect to what the gratitude feels like in your body.


Blessings to you on this and every day!
May your gratitude grow and shower you and everyone you meet with light, sweetness and powerful Magic!