Little Magic

There is an obsession in our culture with the best, the biggest, the most – For example, it is common to hear, “this year will be my best year”, “I will make the most money”, “attract more customers”, “this year big things will happen to me”— Yes, I realize there is joy and satisfaction to be had in accomplishing goals, I get it—but really I ask you, where has all this focus on achieving gotten us? The land of accomplishment has created a stressed out fast paced world, which has forgotten that part of the meaning of life is being present. Noticing. Enjoying the world around us. Speed and greed are not only unhealthy for humans, they devastate and destroy the earth and all the creatures that share this planet with us. The mindset of- ‘I have to be better’ may cause one to feel like a failure when they do not achieve their goals. I refuse to believe that magic is merely about manifesting goals. Personally, I believe we are here to create a better world and a meaningful life moment by moment— and I say real magic lives in the little things, the little magic that exists everywhere.


A tree growing out of a rock! How magical is that!

In the thesaurus the synonyms of magic are thus: fascinating, captivating, charming, glamorous, magical, enchanting, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic, irresistible, hypnotic, sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, enchantment, spell working, incantation, the supernatural, occultism, the occult, divination, voodoo, hoodoo, sympathetic magic, witchery.


Check out that list of what magic is! We can all experience magic every day, when magic becomes about those things, as opposed to making a million dollars. With the above magical descriptions, we can still experience spellbinding yummy and very readily available magic, even when we are not accomplishing our goals or tackling our to do list. In addition to my love of magic, living a meaningful life is very important to me and hopefully it is to you too. One of the biggest ways I find meaning is being in the moment and noticing the magic all around me… and the best thing about this is— the magic around me never stops.

Where I find magic might not be the same place that you find magic, though my hope is that by sharing my experiences with you, you will find inspiration to look deeper in whatever crevices magic lurks around you.

I LOVE watching Geese! Have you ever seen such cute feet and butts? Did you know they mate for life?

Some Personal Examples of My Experiencing Little Magic

*If you haven’t noticed by now I LOVE being outside! When I am outside magical wonders and enchantments beckon me practically everywhere that I look. I literally cannot walk outside without encountering magic, and luckily any trip outside always has be returning indoors refreshed. However gratefully even in my house I can find the magic, whether it is by the beauty of one of our gazillion house plants, the flicker of a candle on my wall, or the gazing outside at the squirrels taking over the bird feeders. Some examples of outdoor magic—the staccato movement of a chickadee, the glamour of a northern flicker, the swoop of a hawk, the sky laughing with snow, the insane wind clearing out and blowing me around, the changing mysterious light dance of Sun and Moon, the plethora of living beings I am often blessed to see—turtles, insects, dragonflies, coyotes, bunnies, frogs and on and on and on…..

*Nothing enthralls me like -Ice over a river—I am utterly fascinated by the infinite ways that ice, snow and flowing water can intermingle, and the endless stunning beauty created for days as ice begins to melt—I mean come on, how cool is it that a river can be iced over, and you can hear and see the flowing vibrant river underneath?

*I always find lots of really cool things when I am outside too—likely this is because I am paying attention…hmmmmm on second thought, maybe it’s the faeries… or possibly it’s both of these reasons combined.

*Other quick examples of little magic in my world: watching shapes of clouds both at night and during the day, gazing at someone you love, the incredible varieties of yummy smells and how they awaken feelings, the alchemy of compost, being immersed in pain and suddenly becoming awake by the sound of wind in the trees, moving this glorious body through space by dancing, running or even tip toeing, feeling community, hearing a plant talk to you, awaking from a dream only to be convinced it was real, delicious food, and on and on and on…..

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “Yikes! I have way too much to do then to stare at the bark of a tree!” I hear you and yes, I too have things to do, places to go and dreams to accomplish. I realize I am definitely a stop and smell the flowers type of person (ha! In the summer, often I can hardly get to where I am going cuz I have to smell every awesome flower in my path). But back to you—I encourage you to take just a little time every day to stop and notice what is going on around you— We are part of this world and everything around us is a part of us. Not only will noticing little magic bring joy and enchantment, it also creates more empathy and understanding.  Noticing little magic grows our gratitude and opens our heart. It heals stress and brings us right into the present moment. Being aware of little magic can blow open our creativity and psychic abilities. These are great side effects but not the reason to notice little magic. We do it in the same way that we breathe; it’s just in our nature.

So, go ahead, I dare you — awaken to little magic!