Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer



One of the few female mentalists in the world, Erica Sodos is known for her energetic stage presence, her telepathic abilities and her inspiring messages.  Erica’s extremely interactive psychic shows are part performance, part psychic readings and 100 percent fun and entertaining. Her performances are the epitome of a “magical experience”. One of the highlights of Erica’s shows is her psychic Q & A where she gazes into her crystal ball, psychically “reads” questions of various audience members and gives insightful and provocative answers.  Erica also has the audience performing incredible feats of telepathy and empathy.

Psychic Parties and Psychic Shows

Erica can create a stage show at a theater seating 10,000 people or for an intimate gathering of 10 people in someone’s living room.

Book Erica and explore fascinating questions such as: Is ESP real?  Do we create reality with our minds?  Can we know what is going to happen in advance?  Erica can teach and demonstrate about the history of intuition, intention, psychokenisis and psychometry.


Erica is sure to weave a magical web of inspiring fun as she circulates among your guests telling fortunes and reading minds.  She will make your event a huge success as everyone will be wanting to enjoy her insightful and entertaining readings.  Erica doesn’t just sit at a table giving readings as she knows that coverage is key. Erica can give entertaining group readings for as many guests as possible utilizing Palm Reading and Tarot Cards.

In order to inspire the most fun and insight for her clients Erica has many modalities up her sleeve including:

  • Tarot Readings
  • Palm Reading
  • Astrology
  • Energy Readings
  • Mind Reading
  • Crystal Ball Scrying

She can give readings either strolling through your event, mingling with the crowd or stationary in one area.