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Illuminating Keynotes that Transform and Inspire

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Erica Sodos’ corporate keynotes weave magic, mind reading, storytelling and abundant audience participation into a transformative experience that is part message, part entertainment and one hundred percent memorable and motivating. Through Erica’s magical wisdom she brings the audience to a place of empowerment, not only on a cerebral level as in a traditional keynote, but on a real tactile level through magic. Your staff and clients will leave Erica’s keynotes thoroughly amazed, entertained, wiser and filled with refreshed inspiration.  


Erica’s Topics Include:

Customized Keynotes  

Erica’s presentations are so highly effective because of her unique ability to blend message with entertainment.   She can artfully and gracefully weave your meeting or company core ideas into her magical stories and teachings. She will work with you to ensure that her content supports your themes, and then she applies her thirty years of professional entertainment experience to ensure your audience takes that message home with them.

How to Develop a Super Memory 

One of our everyday superpowers is our ability to harness a clear memory. When we are not stressed and forgetting things we have more confidence, clarity and become more productive. When we can remember names, faces and details about our clients, coworkers and families, our relationships improve and our sales increase. During this presentation Erica gives the audience immediate tools they can use to improve their memory. Erica will perform mind blowing super memory routines demonstrating the powerful abilities every single one of us possess.

Read Between the Lines, Developing Non Verbal Communication Skills and Empathy

Communication is the key to business and personal success. Sometimes it is not what a person says, but what they don’t say that matters. Erica will teach how to read between the lines of human communication and understand the unspoken and the subtle body language of what costumers, co-workers and family are truly thinking. Equipped with this knowledge, attendees are better able to affect positive outcomes and make smarter choices. In addition to Erica’s incredible telepathic demonstrations, the audience will be enthralled as they discover that they themselves are capable of reading the minds of each other!

Reality or Illusion; Shifting Perceptions to Create Better Results

This most requested keynote combines stunning magic and other illusions to teach principles that develop the confidence to achieve one’s full potential. In her fun and whimsical style Erica will share entertaining and magical metaphors and stories and demonstrate ways to tap into one’s intuition and unlimited power. Revealing tools to overcome self-limiting ways of thinking, the audience will experience firsthand what they are capable of. This is an excellent program for any group, team or individual who needs to turn impossible into I’m Possible!

Women’s Events

A Wand of Her Own: Stepping Out of the Box

Erica Sodos’ presentations for women explore the interchangeable world of magic and power in relation to women. With charm and exuberant humor Erica examines the reasons women in magic and other powerful professions are so rare and how to change this reality. This presentation also explores women’s intuition and uncovers what we are capable of when we have confidence and believe in ourselves. Combining historical facts, fascinating commentary and stunning magic and mind reading effects, the audience will be entertained, changed and filled with a renewed inspiration.

Erica has performed for all types of women’s events including:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Women Studies Groups
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Women’s Adventure Groups
  • Retirement Groups
  • Women’s Festivals
  • Networking Functions
  • Women’s Health Organizations

If you are looking for an extraordinarily different presentation, yet incredibly fun and entertaining Erica Sodos is the speaker for you!

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