Patience, The Magic of the Black Eyed Susan

I planted Lazy Susan seeds, oops! I mean Black Eyed Susan seeds back in April. From April until August almost every day I ran outside looking for the smallest inkling of the emerging Black Eyed Susan’s, to no avail… Finally I gave up, obviously they didn’t make it. Then out of nowhere in the middle of August the ground was suddenly full of little greens popping up, and low and behold two weeks ago the first flower opened!!!!! And as I type this, there is currently a small field of glowing, shimmering and beautiful Black Eyed Susans.


This is the way it can feel with our dreams and goals sometimes, doesn’t it? We plant, we work towards, we water, we try, we plot, we plan, we focus… but after a while nothing grows. Nothing happens. We might even feel that it is futile to keep trying so we give up. Where is the Magic? I suspect that often the Magic is happening so deep that we can’t see it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could believe that just like the Black Eyed Susans, our dreams are manifesting, Magic is taking place, we just need patience to know it is happening, to keep going….

Four Keys to Cultivate Patience in Manifesting our Goals


Believe in Magic Timing

Perhaps there’s a reason why your goal isn’t manifesting as fast as you would like. Maybe you are not ready yet. Maybe if your dream did manifest right now something yucky would happen. Can you adopt the following thought, “I am totally guided and this goal will manifest when the timing is right. I know my goal will manifest at the perfect time and for the highest good of all involved.”

Focus on the Small Shifts

I am sure there are plenty of ways that your dream actually is manifesting, but possibly the shifts are frustratingly small to you. How do you expect more of the good stuff when you aren’t even acknowledging or giving yourself credit for all the ways your dream is manifesting? Honor and embrace the shifts no matter how small!

Celebrate Your Life Right Now and Have Fun

Focus on all the blessings in your life and what is going right. When we feel good we are more productive and we become a magnet for possibilities and positive mojo. After all, isn’t life really about living and not just manifesting?

Get More Specific

Perhaps you are acting in ways that aren’t conducive to your goals, or staying in inaction. Maybe you are all over the map with the actions you are taking to manifest your goal and not doing what you know will truly grow your dream. It is easier to manifest when you can easily and clearly see and connect to what it is you want. When you are clear the path often opens.


I promise you are moving closer to manifesting your goals, look for evidence that this is the case.

On this day, in this moment, let’s keep watering, working, creating…. knowing that deep inside the darkness, just like a child growing in the womb, the Magic is taking place, the dream is starting to manifest, we just need to keep going, keep believing and cultivate just a little more patience.

Patience is Magic.