Playing Card Divination

Excerpt from Erica’s new book, The MPath, Journey to the Magic Within:

I sense that a reading is in order. A bit of card wisdom would presently be helpful to many of you reading these words. Is there a question you have that is begging for an answer or a clarity that is just forming but not quite there yet? I invite you to please close your eyes in this moment and think about what kind of guidance you need right now. As you ruminate on your question, I ask you to please think of any of the four suits in a deck of cards. Please choose a Heart, Club, Diamond or Spade. Choose the one that resonates with you right now and trust your intuition.

Good ole fashioned playing cards are truly fascinating. They were created as time keepers and can be used as a calendar. A regular deck of playing cards has four suits representing the four seasons; 52 cards in the deck representing the 52 weeks of the year; and 13 cards in a suit representing the actual 13 moon phases of the year. And, the coolest part about playing cards is they can be used for divination. Playing cards are a tarot deck minus one suit, the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards of the deck and use archetypal images to represent the journey we all go on through life.

Do you have your chosen suit? Bring it back into focus. I gaze into my crystal ball and pick up on a message for each of you. Here is the guidance that you need right now:


If you thought of a Heart:

Hearts is Equal to the Cups Suit in Tarot and the Element is Water.

Your intuitive hunches are right on target this time. Your awareness of the subtler vibrations of life is growing. If there is something you are working to heal, NOW is the time to go for it, let go and flow like a river working its way around a bend. You have the power to heal yourself and others right now. It’s okay to be emotional but don’t get carried away by the rushing river.


If you thought of a Club:

Clubs is Equal to the Swords Suit in Tarot and the Element is Air.

Communicate something right now to the world or to a friend. Perhaps you need to write something down for publishing, sing a song, or have a conversation with someone to clear the air. Trust that you have cleared away what you no longer need and please give your new ideas wings. I believe in you! Soar!



If you thought of a Diamond:

Diamonds is Equal to the Wands Suit in Tarot and the Element is Fire.

You are magnetic right now and have the powerful ability to manifest that which you desire. You possess an incredible amount of energy right now so use it and your inner fire wisely. Now is the time to give yourself permission to transform and change in any way that speaks to you. Be open and unafraid to make money.



If you thought of a Spade:

Spades is Equal to the Pentacle Suit in Tarot and the Element is Earth.

Be responsible and disciplined right now but please try not to become overly regimented. It is good you are working hard but don’t get carried away. Mind your physical body as well as your spiritual and mental worlds. Spend as much time as you can walking directly on the Earth, feel her power within your body while also asking your heart to guide you.

Allow the Magic of Your Chosen Suit to Aid You, so that You Can Access More of Your Magic Within!