So You Want To Read Minds?

Often I am asked if I was born with the skills that I demonstrate in my presentations and performances. The answer to this question is no, all of us are capable of developing a super memory as well as strengthening our empathic and telepathic skills. So in honor of this Halloween time when the veil is thinnest and mystery and magic abound, here are 6 tools that you can implement right away that will help you open up to your empathic skills and find out what those around you are thinking and feeling.readingminds

1) First we have to get out of our own heads in order to get into the head of someone else. We can do this by developing a meditation practice. The clearer the mind, the more information you will receive about somebody. Practice a simple form of Vipassana meditation. A simple five minute a day practice of focusing the breath will do wonders.

2) When speaking with someone, use all of your senses. Focus your attention. We often only rely on the words someone is saying. Words are a small fraction of how we actually communicate. Open your ears, your eyes and your instinct! You will be amazed at the information you will pick up on when you are focused and paying attention.

3) So much of what a person is thinking and feeling is revealed through their body language. Study and learn about tone of voice, micro expressions and facial expressions and stance. There are a gazillion books on this subject.
Here are three body language cues to watch out for that you can start deciphering right away:
*Touching the nose: When someone is touching their nose it usually signifies disbelief, lying or rejection.
*Rubbing hands: If not cold then the person is probably very worried or super excited about something.
*The way someone’s body is facing when they are in conversation with you is a sign of what is going on for them. If someone is turning away from you they are likely angry or trying to get away. If, however, they are mirroring your movements then they are probably trying to get close to you and win your affections.

4) Feelings can be contagious. Are you suddenly feeling a knot in your stomach when talking with a person? Can you feel their excitement? Notice how YOU feel when you talk with someone and it might be a clue to what’s going on for them.

5) LISTEN. I mean really listen to when someone speaks. If we can listen without thinking about our reply, or the future, we will hear not only the words that the person is saying but the energy behind their words.

6) Sliding. This can be a powerful tool to develop empathy and experience the world of another. As you are talking to someone, someone whose personal experience you want to understand, imagine stepping out of your body and into their body. See through their eyes. Breathe through their breath.

At this Halloween time when we dive into the shadow and the dark, may you open to your intuitive abilities to know the thoughts and feelings of those around you. May this knowledge enhance your relationships and improve your success in both work and life.