Spring Flower Divination

As I have been admiring (and of course smelling as much as I can) the spring flowers that are popping up everywhere and watching the buds form and open, I can’t help but think about how much magic every single one of these flowers contains. So delving into the etymology of each of these flowers and their medicinal and mythic properties, I created a bit of Spring Flower Divination and a reading for each of you.

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Calm yourself and tap you’re your internal wisdom. Now staying connected to your intuition which of these four flowers do you feel more drawn too:


















Once you have chosen your flower read below to find out the magical message that your flower is revealing to you:

Crocos: A great healing and powerful awakening is coming to you at this time. Pretty soon you will regain what you thought was lost forever. Savor and be completely open to love, to spring and to the sweetness of newness. Spend time with children or access your own inner child. Play!

Iris: In ancient Greece Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow, who acted as a link between heaven and earth. This is a good time for you to draw on the magic and power of your ancestors and helper guides. Someone with a lot of influence is coming into your life within the next two weeks. Continue to have hope in your dreams and access your courage.

Daffodils: It is now time to truly forgive the past and move on. Do things that inspire you and be aware of what is going on inside of you and around you. The more present you are, the more vitality you will feel and the more you will be ready to handle all the new opportunities and situations that are coming to you at this time.

Hyacinth: Lately you have been feeling a variety of intense and complicated feelings. While your passion is a gorgeous thing, it is best if you can curb your rashness and jealousy right now. A potential dramatic situation is arising, the more calm and sincere you are the better the outcome will be. The hyacinth originated from a Greek legend involving two powerful Gods.

Flower blessings to you and may your spring flower help you open to your incredible and powerful magic!