Spring Lessons from My Garden

Ah wonderful Spring! A time when Magic so obviously fills the air! I have crazy abundant awe and wonder for the return of life in the natural world from what appears to be dead. How is it that what looks completely lifeless on the surface suddenly comes alive with new leaves and buds? Who knew that science contained such Magic? Lately I have been wishing I became a biologist in addition to a performer.

Today I decided to go into my yard and honor this first day of Spring, by observing all the new life. I wanted to see what lessons awaited me and what magic I would discover. I was curious to see if I could find wisdom in this growth that related to what I teach in my keynotes—Improving Memory, Developing Empathy and Shifting Perceptions.

Daffodils and Crocuses almost ready to bloom in my front yard!

All I can say is– as usual whenever I spend time in nature I am moved to feelings of joy, and touched by how much the natural world can teach us. And in this case the blossoms of wonderful wisdom that Spring offered me were vast, vibrant and very vivacious. I want to share them with you in the hopes that they inspire and transform you as well as they have me.

Here are the little lessons that my hydrangea, lavender, crocus, hyacinth, earthworms, soil and other magnificent beings teach us:


Paying Attention

Nature is constantly changing, even in stillness there is so much energy in a tree or plant. When we look deeply into a plant we can often feel the life brewing. Do you want a better memory? A better ability to know what those around you are thinking and feeling? Would you like to experience more magic in your life? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then start paying MORE ATTENTION. Breathe. Look around you. Notice. Take in. Savor. When we pay attention our memory naturally improves, as the foundation of developing a good memory is awareness. When we are in the present moment and noticing and listening, we become better able to feel what another person is experiencing. And of course, here in the now is the only place we can truly discover that our definition of reality is limited. Nature teaches us to stop and pay attention!


Shifting Perceptions

It never ceases to amaze me that we often call a plant “dead” even though it is very much alive. Frequently the plant that we call dead is just dormant, and below the soil surface there is life, magic and movement happening in spades. Clearly what we may perceive as truth is nothing but our perception, and as we all know sometimes our perceptions are not only incorrect, they are also unhelpful.

Spring growth shows us that we can start anew. Every year spring returns, and we like nature, have a second chance, this is a lesson that we can apply to the rest of our lives. Instead of being miserable about something that didn’t work out the way we wanted, or holding onto anger, we can just like the perennial in our garden, let it go and start over. Thank you plants!



Have you ever tried to make something happen and finally gave up because it seemed no matter what you did you could not manifest this goal? I know I have all too many

Can you see the baby new life on my Hydrangea?

times. Perhaps we need more patience. I know I do! We humans feel that if we don’t see it, well…. it must not be happening. This is not this way with plants! In plants it may look like nothing is going on, but beneath the surface life and biology are happening in a myriad of ways…. I don’t have all the biology at the moment but I know the plant waits and with sun and water….. Growth! I often think when I plant seeds— how so much magic occurs in that moment and eventually (usually) the seeds will send out their root tendrils, with a lot of patience—one day—a plant! I have found this to be true in our human life too. Just like the plant we think will never come back but does, we may wait convinced our work was for nothing as nothing is happening. We don’t always know the right timing. Patience. Perhaps the years of work are getting ready to take off and you don’t want to give up right before the first bud forms.



Empathy and Caring

Empathy is the language of the heart… the mind…. the truth. Empathy is listening. Being Present. Paying attention. Caring. When we interact with plants, we learn that all living beings have survival needs. Everything is alive. All that exists, every animal, human and plant, wants to experience life. Sensing into the feelings of plants can open vast windows of compassion for us. We learn about the wonder of seeds, the growth of tender new roots, and the different kinds of needs that every plant has. By observing and feeling into plants we develop a sense of empathy for people as well. Not to mention the relationships we can develop with plants and on course non-human animals is like no other!


Overcoming Adversity

Pretty sure this lovely lady who lives in my yard is a yummy smelling Hyacinth!



Crocuses are early bloomers that can push through soil, snow and other challenges. As one of the first Spring flowers, they grow into vibrant colorful splashes. Through all odds, shining forth after a cold long winter. I stand stunned at how they push through anything in their way! When I plant little seeds, and watch the first fragile tender shoots come up I am always amazed, as if for the first time. If these tiny little plants can break through soil, rock and other obstacles, so can we. If the Crocus can do it, hell—I am gonna believe!


Well, that’s just a small sampling of the magic lessons growing in my garden. May you stop, notice and allow yourself to take in the natural world. You just may feel better, breathe deeper and experience way more magic. Wonderful Spring to You!


Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed… Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.

–Henry David Thoreau