Strengthen Your Psychic Powers this Winter

Folks often ask how I am able to know the information and secrets I know during my shows and readings– Well, as I always say, “I don’t do anything that every single one of us isn’t capable of”. That being said, Winter is a perfect time for you to deepen your connection to your Magic Within! Winter is an internal and quiet time which lends itself to explore the mysteries the mysteries through more meditation, more stillness and more divination.

There are a gazillion ways to pick up on information – and even more props that one can use to find the information. Some popular divinatory tools that I love are tarot cards, runes, palmistry, pendulums, scrying, dreams, cloud shapes, rocks, and more…. What props speak to you? Pick a divinatory prop that seems fun and interesting to you – You can even divine through soap suds or the sound of wind… I don’t believe in many rules. I believe in following your heart and using your imagination.

Okay, so let’s say you now have the tool you are going to use to divine information— How will you now experience your guidance through your senses? There are a plethora of ways to pick experience your intuitive and/or psychic gifts. While often a person will have a strong leaning and natural talent for one or two psychic senses, we can strengthen and learn to use all of our psychic senses to access our intuition and psychic powers.

Here are five distinct different ways that we can pick up on information:

Clairvoyant The psychic ability of seeing.

Clairsentient The psychic talent of feeling.

Clairaudience The psychic skill of hearing.

Clairgustance the psychic power of tasting.

Clairessence The psychic ability of smelling.

Claircognisence The psychic ability of knowing.

Personally I use a combination of the above… With claircognisence and clairessence probably being two of my most developed… That’s right, I can smell aromas that aren’t actually in the room which helps in my intuition. Notice how you experience the seen and unseen worlds… What forms speak to you and what do you already have a natural tendency towards that you just need to pay more attention to?

Yay, so you have your props and are opening to your psychic senses— I now welcome you to make an altar this Winter.  You can put on the altar pictures and objects of what magic or Winter mean to you and you can set candles and your divinatory props. You only need to do this if it’s fun and inspires you.

You are ready! Sit in front of your altar (or anywhere you want) and pose a question or simply ask for guidance on what you need to know. Use your divinatory tools… You can research the tool or simply make up the meanings using your imagination. Trust yourself.

Make time this Winter to go inside of yourself, to explore the mystery and find out what secrets are awaiting you. Have fun and know that there is no right or wrong way to do this… There is only what feels good to you. Magic mainly comes when we are truly moved from within. When we are having fun and opening to the mystery we become more magical.