Tarot Divination Just for You

I don’t know about you but sometimes I believe we all need a little bit of guidance (or a lot depending how life is going). That being said I thought it would be super fun to offer a little bit of divination magic specifically created just for you! Magic to help you access your wisdom and your powers….

This divination is one of the many special divinations taken from my book The Mpath, Journey to the Magic Within—-

The etymology of the word divination means ‘to be inspired by a god’- It doesn’t mean telling someone what to do or facts set in stone… That being said, let’s now directly dive into the deep Magic of the Tarot. Tarot is an ancient art form of divination containing within in it five different suits; four minor arcana and one major arcana. The major arcana is the most fascinating and enchanting suit in the tarot because it represents the journey each of us go on in our lives. I like to think of the different cards in the major arcana as different archetypes each of us will embody at one time or another.  Look through the following list of the major arcana cards and choose the character that represents you most right now, the card that best symbolizes who you are, where you are going and the medicine you most need at this time.  Read the affirmation and *Mbody it.  If you feel called, research the card that you have chosen in depth so you can allow the magic to come through even more.


Which of the following cards will you choose?

Fool- Magician- High Priestess- Empress- Emperor- 

Hierophant- Lovers- Chariot- Strength- Hermit- 

Wheel of Fortune- Justice- Hanged Man- Death-Temperance- 

Devil- Tower- Star- Moon- Sun- Judgement- World



Find the Magic and affirmation here:



I am a symbol of TRUST and innocence.  I follow my heart and know wherever I go I cannot fail!



I am a symbol of MAGIC.  Where my thoughts go, energies flow; thus, I have the ability to create whatever I focus on!



I am a symbol of WISDOM.  I have incredible access to the unconscious realms; thus, my intuition is right on!



I am a symbol of MOTHER EARTH.  I am in touch with my femininity and I appreciate beauty and nature in all forms!


I am a symbol of STABILITY. I embody the strong and powerful father figure who knows how to create order out of chaos!



I am a symbol of ANCIENT TEACHINGS.  I follow and conform to tradition and social structures!



I am a symbol of LOVE.  I am genuine and authentic while I establish my own belief system.



I am a symbol of CONFIDENCE.  I maintain focus and self-discipline and I am successful at my goals.



I am a symbol of POWER.  I have the will, stamina and power, inside myself to focus on what I need to do and overcome any obstacle.


I am a symbol of TRUTH.  I seek solitude and introspection and find all the answers within myself.


Wheel of Fortune

I am a symbol of GOOD LUCK.  I accept and go with the flow of life, while staying optimistic and ready for the upswing.



I am a symbol of BALANCE.  Through my conscious awareness, I make fair and just decisions for myself and others.


Hanged Man

I am a symbol of REVERSAL.  I look at things from different angles in my life and I let go of the stuckness.



I am a symbol of CHANGE.  I am positively transforming myself and my life by leaving the past behind me.



I am a symbol of BALANCE.  I take the middle road and, by avoiding extremes, I experience calm in my life.



I am a symbol of DETACHMENT.  I recognize and overcome my unhealthy addictions and patterns.



I am a symbol of CHANGE.  I am breaking down inner and outer structures, thus bringing awakening.



I am a symbol of HOPE.  I have faith and believe in myself, and I am open to new ideas and growth.



I am a symbol of the UNCONSCIOUS.  I follow my intuition, release my fears, and have vision to see in the dark.



I am a symbol of YES.  I embrace my life with my positivity and radiance and I have lots of fun.



I am a symbol of AWAKENING.  All the pieces of my life are coming together and I understand my purpose.



I am a symbol of FULLFILLMENT.  Now that I have completed this journey I am stronger and wiser.

May your chosen card bring you closer to your Magic Within!