The Art of Magical Thinking

I teach the art of Magical Thinking. However, I don’t really like the online definitions of Magical Thinking. Dictionaries and websites define Magical Thinking as creating reality with your mind. This is NOT what I mean by Magical Thinking. In my definition Magical Thinking is about innovation, creativity and truly believing you can change Impossible to I am possible. This is not an airy fairy concept. It is not about sitting in a room visualizing. It is an active process of looking beyond the ordinary and creating and becoming extraordinary.



The pie of knowledge can be divided into four categories:


There is what we know.
There is what we don’t know.
There is what we know we don’t know.
There is what we don’t know we don’t know.


It is the last category of the pie that is the most important. It is there we want to dwell if we strive to be passionate leaders and become successful at pretty much anything. We need to dive into and explore the terrain of what we don’t know we don’t know, to create magic for our clients, magic for our companies and magic for ourselves.

If we don’t know we don’t know something, then how do we access it? In my motivational keynotes and performances I teach tangible tactics of how to find this mysterious and powerful place.

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I know the following may sound a bit woo woo for people, but it is an accurate description of what I am talking about. In order to access the places we don’t even know we don’t know, we need to be creative and find our practical magic. Every single one of us has a toolbox inside called Practical Magic. In this toolbox we uncover tools we didn’t even know we had. We re-find tools we knew we had but have not yet developed. We remember tools we have taken for granted.

These tools focus on looking beyond the ordinary and utilize our memory and our abilities to communicate. They insist we ignore the reality police and inspire us to envision what’s never yet existed. These tools ask us to pay attention to what most people would never notice. By developing these tools, we experience less stress, become more innovative and discover how to create off the hook fabulous experiences for our clients, our company and ourselves.

These tools enable us to think magically and live magically.

In my upcoming articles I will explore each of these tools in depth and how we can develop them.

Our lives are made by the choices we make. We can live our lives how we have always lived them and keep walking the well paved and ordinary path. Or we can challenge the status quo, break rules, find our deep well of power within and create real magic.