The Magic of Association in Memory

In addition to the plethora of our more ordinary powers, I believe we have extra-ordinary powers that can help us tremendously in our lives. One of our superpowers is developing a strong memory. When we can remember our past mistakes we are less likely to repeat them. When we are capable of holding on to valuable information, anecdotes and ideas, we have much more wisdom to draw on in living our lives. Our creativity deepens. A good memory eases stress and promotes confidence and clarity. When we are confident and clear our relationships, sales and happiness increase.


Mnemonsyne is the Goddess of Memory and is considered one of the most powerful of Goddesses. In Greek mythology Mnemonsyne is the mother of the nine muses of creativity, in other words, according to the ancient Greeks, memory is the foundation of all creativity.  Not just creativity in creating art but creativity in living our lives.

Everyone can develop a super memory!

Basic health habits help memory; eating well, getting great nourishing sleep, exercising long and often and reducing stress.

In addition to health habits; in this article we will focus on the tool of association in helping improve our memories.

If you have trouble remembering facts related to your job or school work, or current events, or people’s names, or any other type of information, the solution is to learn memory techniques. We need to put information in our head in a way that makes sense, association helps! To “associate” means to create a mental connection, and for most people the best way to create this connection is through visualization.  Association takes into consideration the amazing fact about human memory: most people remember images better than verbal or written information. Associating new information with information you already know is the key to memorizing something.

Create a Picture in your mind of what you want to remember. The key is to make the visualization as exaggerated as possible. Use your vivid imagination, a strong sense of humor and exaggeration as much as you can when creating the image. Use all your Senses in the visualization… taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. The more you can smell, taste, touch, hear and see that which you want to remember, the better chance there will be that you actually will remember it! The visualization creates a cue for remembering the information. It acts as a mental hook you can grab onto to pull the information out of your memory and into your conscious when you need it. In addition, the very act of creating the image forces you to concentrate on the material like never before as you break down the information phonetically and visually. This also contributes to remembering the material. And having information stored in your visual memory in addition to your verbal memory (that is, in two different parts of your brain) creates two ways for you to remember it instead of just one.

Additional Helpful Tools to Develop a Strong Memory

*Stay on Track— Before you even walk into a room visualize why you are going there and what you want, this will keep you on track so you don’t walk into a room and forget why you went in there in the first place.

*Talk to Yourself–If we verbalize out loud what we want to remember this solidifies and deepens our capacity to remember.

*Repetition–The more you do something the more you will remember it.

*Do it Now–Work to avoid distractions.

*Change a Pattern–This is similar to tying a ribbon around your finger.  Give yourself trigger images that remind you of something so you don’t forget.

*Be Engaged and Focused–turn off TV, music etc…..

*Pause and Review–When leaving a room look around and ask yourself if you have everything you need.

*The more involved you are in something the more ability you have to remember it.

*Review before sleep.

Magical Memory Blessings to You!