Unstick Your Magic

I LOVE magic! Real magic. Fake magic. Every type of magic in between. However, as a magic lover sometimes I feel like I am also the Queen of Stuck Magic. The times when I feel as if I have no mojo, energy or fire…. Or even worse, like I am a poster child for self-loathing. Do these type of feelings ever happen to you? One of the most powerful magics we possess is how we deal when we are smack dab in the middle of some serious anti-magic moment. With that being said I would like to share with you some tools and tricks for the next time non-magic is pushing you down. Not all of these techniques are about avoiding the yucky vibe, as I believe that being present with what is, can sometimes be the most magical of all.



Super Powerful Tricks to Try When Your Magic is Clogged

Move that Gorgeous Body of Yours While it may be true that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, as opposed to physical beings having a spiritual experience—it is definitely true that our bodies are an incredible magical gift…. A gift that can give us pleasure, pain and every feeling and sensation in between. We store all kinds of memories and feelings in our bodies and that we need movement and exercise to keep the body temple healthy. Next time you feel super stuck energetically and anti-magically—put on your sneaks and head outside—Run, Skip, Jog, Tip Toe, Walk… get the juices flowing…. Not to mention that being outside is a whole heaping cup of medicine in its own right. The air, trees and clouds will fill you with all kinds of healing good vibes. Take in what is around you, and while you are doing that keep moving your body through space. If you would rather put on some really great angry music or any music that inspires you to move do that! And then dance like you have never danced before! Roll around on the ground, kick, jump, go wild… Allow the energy to flow, and I promise you, pretty soon your magic stuckness will start to dissipate.

Breathe and Sit With It We are such a go go go culture that sometimes the reason we don’t feel our magic is because we don’t stop long enough to be infused with it’s power…. Then we can begin to feel yucky, and who wants to stop and feel yuckiness? But in order to feel the yummy we have to feel the yucky. Whatever is pushing you down wants expression, that is part of why it is there. If you have an altar sit in front of it, or just light a candle, lie down on your bed, put on some soothing music and just Be— Just breathe and allow all the sensations, thoughts and feelings to wash over you— Act as if you have nothing to do but just be, so be. Let it flow. If you want to cry then cry. If you want to laugh then laugh. Just be with what arises. When we allow ourselves to be present with what is we create a type of acceptance and letting go. Often allowing and letting go is the most powerful magic there is.

Scream Bloody Freakin Scream Oh yeah baby! I honor my no longer living mom Dodi with this one— We would be in the car driving and my mom would say, “lets just scream as loud as we can.” And we would. If anyone heard us they would likely be terrified but luckily as far as I know no one was listening. Go somewhere like in your car, with windows closed of course, or your basement where you can scream into a pillow… Feel the frustration of your stuck magic and let it out, scream out your blockage, your rage and your passion…. Keep screaming till you feel done— And you will know when this is! You will feel lighter, more refreshed and this will create a passageway within your stuckness for the Magic to flow!

Use the Block as Creative Fuel Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know the stereotype of the wounded artist writing songs about breakup and heartache. I am not encouraging being an artist who only creates from suffering…. However, I do think that not using our shadow and contractions to create art is wasting lots of good compost, which could make creative and beautiful soil. So next time you are in a super non-magic funk bust out your markers, your drum or your journal… Whatever is your personal creative bent go there hard and fast when in a rut. If you don’t consider yourself creative I want to challenge you because every single one of us can create in whatever ways speak directly to our soul. If you don’t consider yourself creative I ask you, “If you could create what medium would you use.” And then possibly pick that up. Or just draw hideous images on a piece of paper. There is so much magic in ugly so don’t worry— this isn’t about creating a masterpiece. Creating art from pain is pure golden magic alchemy.

Indulge Deep into the World of Yummy Sometimes you just need to dive. Eat dark chocolate. Lay in bed. Read decadent books. Take bubble baths surrounded by candles with a mask on your face while eating a chocolate cake. Cake for breakfast. Calling in sick to work. Not changing your cloths or washing dishes for days. Turning off your phone or maybe talking for hours to your girlfriends. Sometimes we just need a break from the world of doing and accomplishing. And don’t worry that you may never emerge if you dive too far, eventually you will want to wash your face….but indulging without guilt can sometimes allow us to hear magical messages which unclog the block.

Try Opening to Gratitude When nothing works, and you are just deep down in the mire of anti-magic yuck,  it can be super helpful to think and write about all that you are grateful for– Gratitude can allow a flicker of light through tight contracted spaces. A small pinprick of beauty shining forth… No matter how bleak things are there are always so many things to be grateful for. Please remember never use any of these techniques as a way to be mean to yourself, if all you can come up with on the gratitude list is I like my hair, then so be it…. Keep coming back to the gratitude, again and again……Eventually the list will grow, and you will be in the light of Magic.

Beautiful lattice work of ice frozen over free flowing water at a little river near my house! What a magical metaphor for our own magic! within!!!

I hope these Magic Tricks can help you the next time you aren’t able to sense any of the magic around you! May you practice them and allow the shimmering enchantment of life to once again dance around you. And if you are interested in booking a reading to help you find more magic please call 720-883-6132