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Heart Gateway to Magic

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And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. –-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of Le Petite Prince In some ancient civilizations and cultures the heart was considered the seat of consciousness. The heart was where learning, decisions and intuition all took place. Yes, our hearts can be gateways to living a more connected and magical life. We open up entirely new ways of experiencing reality when we “think” with our heart, instead of our brain. The heart’s electromagnetic field effects all it comes into contact with, so when we are interacting with another being, everything can be transformed. Our hearts are sensory organs and organs of perception, which can learn, remember and of course…. feel. Lately I have been interacting with the natural world through my heart, instead of my brain and wow, hello magic! When we can leave our heads and enter our heart, we can experience new enchantments and a deeper reality. It all begins with dropping out of our brain and resting our awareness in our heart. Feelings become richer, relationships deeper and connection fuller. The most amazing power of the heart is the simplicity of connecting! All we have to do is focus in our heart space, breathe, truly see what we are looking at, and hear what we are hearing, and ask ourselves, “what does this (plant or person or other) feel like?” Allow the sensations to fill you. Relax and stay open, and Viola, we will think less and feel more. Thinking less means less analyzing and fretting, and more magic. We can do this in any interaction, be it with a human, a plant or a non-human animal. I invite you to try it. What have you got to lose? It can feel so so good. Not to mention all the wonderful side effects such as more joy, better relationships, being more on purpose, and way more...

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Five Tips To Create Magical Virtual Events

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Here we are, a little over a year since Covid started. Vaccines are being administered (Yay!) and the outside world slowly opening. While life will shift again, the land of virtual is here to stay. Having discovered the blessings of virtual events (worldwide connection, price etc), even when we are able to have live events, I know I will continue to inspire and entertain folks through the screen of my computer. I have to tell you, I love performing/presenting virtually. Having now performed at many different kinds of virtual events, on a variety of platforms, I realize virtual is an art all unto itself. One of the many definitions of magic is: wonderful and exciting. My specialty has always been creating magical experiences for my audiences (besides fun of course, I am an expert in that too). I thought it would be helpful to share a bit of what I observed in how to create a successful (and magical) virtual event. So that if you find yourself in need of planning something virtually, you can ensure it will be successful, fun, bonding, and satisfying. Virtual Events Seem to Be Best When They Are: Interactive – In order to ensure that it doesn’t feel like a TV show, people must be involved! When people are involved they stay more focused, feel more purpose and have a much better, more memorable and fun experience. There are a gazillion ways to incorporate audience involvement- questions, movement, activities etc….. Relevant – Creating an event that is aligned with the purpose and mission of the group is mandatory. It helps people feel special and they walk away feeling appreciated and seen. Some events send attendees the same virtual background, shirt and drink- which helps with teambuilding. Engaging- Having people participate via comments, zoom applause (yes create a visual cue), breakout sessions with time to engage, hiring engaging professionals. Keep it fun, alive and inspiring. What engages you? Multi-Faceted – Even though it’s a virtual event, there can be objects or drinks attendees need to grab to during the event. Event planner can mail everybody something that they will use together. Example- for a magic show all event goers can receive a deck of cards so they can do their own mindblowing card magic. The deck can even be branded. Creative This is where it can really get fun, many people have found ways to keep their art and biz going by learning how to adapt to virtual. You can hire a plethora of talented creative folk for your event– One can bring in party games, quiz/trivia, a yoga teacher, a chef, musician, hairdresser, psychic and of course magician 😊 Don’t forget to consider time Zones and hosting platform- May take some researching and planning to ensure the smoothest experience. Virtual events can be fun and inspiring, they bring people together no matter the distance. Magic is especially awesome virtually ,because lets face it- everybody has a front row seat and everybody gets to be a part of the action. At least in they way I do my shows 😊 Wishing you a magical...

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Dragonfly Portals to Justice

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One of the first things I do every morning is get outside. Connecting with the elements, breathing fresh air and noticing the wonders right in my neighborhood and backyard, start my day on the right track, open my senses and automatically orient me towards gratitude. Walking is good exercise and fills the body with oxygen and energy. I bring this up because I really want to share with you my experience this  morning as it shocked me and saddened me. Dragonflies!!!! In a little neighborhood park there were easily 25 to 50 dragonflies flying around a certain area. It was mesmerizing! Dragonflies open portals to other dimensions and help us access much needed magic. Now while I realize this is a pretty woo woo way to view dragonflies, this is certainly one of the aspects of why this morning’s dragonfly experience was so enchanting. However, even from a non woo woo perspective it was just so damn cool to see so many little beautiful flying beings swarming together. I bring this up because many people passed me as I was trancing out, and not one person even looked over and noticed the dragonflies. I found it perplexing. Even from a non woo standpoint it seemed odd that people weren’t curious what I was looking at, or noticing the natural beauty occurring right whey they walked. I realize I am the ultimate stop and smell the flowers kind of human. In my wild and chaotic garden, I notice the very moment the first shoots come out of the ground from a seed I deeply buried in the ground. I am aware of every change of a bud growing– from when it appears to all the way past the flowering to the death of the flower. I love nature and am constantly in awe with her aliveness and magic. Humans may have forgotten this fact but we too are part of nature. Maybe some would find my focus on the natural world extreme. Mother Earth is our mother and provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive, so why not give her lotsa love and appreciation?!!?! The other end of the spectrum of course, is paying no attention to nature, to rainbows, and in this case dragonflies. Beauty is everywhere begging us to look. When we open and notice, we realize we are less alone then we thought and our existence has more meaning and purpose. Life becomes fuller and we become healthier and happier people when we pay attention. In magic where one puts their attention is a key ingredient in a good performance. As a magician I ask you to focus, look around you and notice what is growing, stagnating or dying. Allow these processes to move and inspire you. At this transformational time in history when issues of justice are in the forefront and a national pandemic is changing everything– Dismantling wants to happen. We can be present to this dismantling when we pay attention. An elephant could walk into a room and no one would even see them if a magician was talented at controlling perception. Right now the incredible amount of injustices to black people, our failing health system and our unethical cruel food industries are just some issues coming into clearer focus. Let’s...

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Enchantment, Three Tips to Open

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If you are anything like me you LOVE Harry Potter and wish you could enroll in Hogwarts in order to immerse yourself in enchanting magical fun. You fight the ‘Reality Police” everyday and know that there is something more then just the same old same old. Well, unfortunately I still haven’t found Hogwarts (I will let you know if and when I do) however, fortunately I do believe magic is everywhere if we only allow ourselves to open to it. I see and experience so much magic in the natural world it’s amazing….There is also sooooo much magic living right inside us if we only look and allow ourselves access. Some of the magical tools we all possess are our memories, our intuition, our abilities to think critically, and of course our powerful imagination and ability to wonder. Without going into the details right now on how to access each specific power, I would like to give three tips on how to begin to free up space that will allow your powers to flourish…. And to more fully step into the marvel that is you! MEDITATION If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times—Meditate! And sorry to say, it is true, meditation is effective and supreme. When your mind is clear and focused and your body relaxed and calm, you can access information, open portals and allow more magic into your life. There are many different ways to meditate and below I suggest some of these ways– If you feel drawn to one style over another you can research via online and will likely find a plethora of information to help you on your journey. It is important to note that there is no right and wrong way when it comes to meditation. (I often say that rules can be very limiting to magic). It is extremely common and inevitable that the mind will be actively trying to pull you in many different directions while you meditate— So no judgement. The monkey mind is part of mediation, so accept and work with it. In any form of meditation when you notice you are distracted and somewhere else, gently bring your mind back to what you are doing and where you are…. It doesn’t matter if the whole time you are sitting all you are doing is bringing the mind back over and over again. This is part of the magic that is meditation, and over time you will be able to calm your mind more and more…… Five Different Styles of Meditation Vipassana – Focusing on the Breath. Notice the cool air as it enters your nostrils and the warm air as it exists. Simply be present and notice the breath. That’s the whole practice! Guided- A Journey meditation that guides you somewhere…. Perhaps you are going into the center of the earth, or imagining a golden healing light filling your body. This kind of meditation is fun and creative. Insight Timer is a free app you can download on your phone with a gazillion different guided meditations. Loving Kindness- Also known as metta meditation. This type of meditation is about opening your heart to the world. Breathe in the pain of those you know and those you don’t know, animals and people suffereing—...

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Transformative Magic Power of Gratitude

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I want to write about one of the not so awesome parts of the human condition condition….. I don’t really know why we humans find it so much easier to complain about life, then we do to really revel in the insane amount of blessings we each possess in almost every single moment. Do we learn this behavior from our parents and society? Is it related to the fight or flight instinct? I can’t imagine that this is the natural condition of being alive – kvetching, complaining and always wanting situations to be different. I imagine that if I googled ‘why do humans focus on negativity?’ I likely will get a plethora of scientific and psychological reasons why we do this….. but really, I am not interested in the why. Why is generally not a helpful question and can lead to all kinds of victim answers. I am more interested in what this ungrateful attitude is trying to teach us, and how to let out the attitude of gratitude (cliché I know but I love it). How is complaining and wanting life to be different helpful? Well, it makes a person seek improvement and that is a good thing. Dissatisfaction creates yearning and craving for change. However mostly dissatisfaction leads to comparison… Comparing what we have to other people. For me anyway, focusing on the negative leads to great feelings of failure and always looking at what I am not as opposed to what I am. Complaining can also make those around me feel less then, because I don’t like how they are and I would like them to change. Always wanting my life to improve doesn’t let me see what I have—And this is why the constant focus on what we don’t have and how we wish our life was different is ultimately not helpful for joy, peace and feeling abundant. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyday in almost every moment we were able to see the blessings all around us?!!?! And not just recognize them, revel in them! Okay so perhaps in this moment I have physical pain in an area of my body, however there isn’t any pain in all the other areas— Yet I feel the dire need to focus on and tell everyone about the pain area. So funny, why don’t I just wake up and tell my partner, by the way my arms and knees feel great! Wouldn’t that start the day better then waking up and saying, my blah blah blah hurts, as usual. Well, ya know as usual my toes are doing awesome and I got some great elbows, hardly ever give me pain… seems like focusing on that might improve my life. An attitude of gratitude would wake up and say, “Damn my eyes are working wonderful today! I am so happy I can see colors and clouds and your beautiful face.” Complaining is a type of stress and anxiety, and we all know the harmful effects stress can have on the body. Perhaps every time we say a negative affirmation be it about ourselves or others, a type of yucky serum is put into our bodies. I really am not trying to be Pollyanna about this. I do not think being superficial and happy all the time is the...

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The Power of Pain

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I wish I could say life was super easy, blissful and always magical. That all we have to do is believe in magic and magic will be there. I am soon approaching 50 years, and I have experienced many things within my lifetime ranging from wonderful to terrible, and my experience is the more I embrace everything and do not long for ease and joy, life flows better. Sometimes it is way too easy to look at someone, see them laughing and having fun and think, “Wow. She has everything. Look how happy she is.” Or “I wish my life was like his.” Unless we are very close with someone we can never know the extent of their pain. I don’t usually talk about my personal life in my articles or shows, yet I feel maybe if I share with you a little more intimately then  perhaps extra magic will arrive –So here goes— I have been struggling with chronic pain for nearly my entirely life, sometimes this pain is so debilitating that I cannot sleep for days. As anyone who experiences chronic pain knows, chronic pain leads to emotional, mental and spiritual pain, and often inspires one to wonder—Will I ever be free? Whether you are one of my clients, an audience member, a friend, or anyone … Do I seem like someone who constantly struggles with pain? Someone who sometimes spends the majority of a day wondering how to be productive with raging pain in my body? Unless you and I are very close, the answer is likely no, I do not seem like that. I seem healthy and exuberant. The fact that I am exuberant and the fact that I suffer from chronic pain are both true. In order to keep an open heart and connection with magic, I regularly engage in different activities such as meditation, ritual, hiking and hugging trees… Today as I was experiencing my old friend chronic pain, I heard a voice within say, “Your pain is your power.” As a magician, I love the idea of power. Now obviously a magician exerts a unique type of power, such as the ability to levitate or transform a flower into a glass of orange juice. This is not the type of power I am talking about. I am interested in our magic within, which I often call practical powers or superpowers- depending how you look at it. If pain is my power that must mean because I experience so much pain, I must have that much power. Our society is obsessed with feeling good and happy. Perhaps if this wasn’t the case we could see that our pain wants to teach us. There are many things we can learn from pain, and it can be unique for each individual, with some overlap.   What can we learn from our pain? We can learn infinite things from pain, below are four powers that pain brings into my life. Hopefully one or more of these powers will resonate with you and inspire you, because I do believe that we can deepen in magic no matter what is occurring.   TO BE PRESENT When we are constantly trying to push discomfort away, we create a type of struggle within ourselves and what is occurring. We leave...

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Summer Plant Divination

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Think of a Question now…. Take a Deep breathe and choose ARUGULA or BINDWEED or ROSE or PRICKLY LETTUCE. This plant is going to provide the guidance you need, so please have the plant name clear in your mind before you read the medicine. Trust your intuition, breathe and open to the medicine of your chosen plant—-   ARUGULA  *Flair *Bitter experiences are part of your medicine *Take on what you have been avoiding   BINDWEED *Connection *What are you connected to? That will help you… *Healing   ROSE *Open your heart *Love sweet yummy love of all kinds *Beauty   PRICKLY LETTUCE *Good time to put up boundaries *Stand tall *let go and go have fun   May the magic of your chosen plant inspire and enchant...

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A Tale of Two Nests

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As we transition from Spring to Summer, and our little baby Robins just fledged, I want to share with you the story of our latest Robin adventure. Three years ago, within days of moving into our new house, a momma Robin made a nest on the Pergola of the deck. We named her Dodi after my deceased mom, as they seemed to have similar personalities. Thus began the joy of watching mom, dad and babies. Mom had two successful groups of babies that year, and it was touching and educational to watch life happening in front of us. Dad was quite the helper, bringing food and standing guard— and this particular dad only had use of one leg. Still a fantastic helper even with his handicap. In following years seemingly strange behavior would occur—including one time a Robin (I can only presume it was Dodi or one of Dodi’s kin) — making 8 different nests on the pergola! This year it was with bated breath that Dodi (or a kin) returned. She spent weeks making a nest, a strong powerful nest full of twigs, dirt, ribbon and string– it was a nest to make any Robin proud. I was excited as she began to sit, I imagined laying her eggs— but then — one day she built another nest right next to the good one— and this nest was barely a nest—only scant twigs in a circle with no real sturdy structure. Then she began to sit in that nest too! And so it would go— she would sit in one nest for a few hours and then sit in the other nest. We got a long-armed mirror so we could see what was going on in the nests and to our shock, there were two blue eggs in each of the nests! It seemed she was trying to incubate both sets of eggs! After much deliberation and talking with bird specialists we decided to move the two eggs from the weak nest to the strong nest. Wowzers you have never seen such a fierce Robin! As my partner moved the first egg, a Robin (obviously the dad who was standing guard while the mom was away) – Well this fierce protector flew right at our faces, perched and just stared with a look which screamed, “Get away from my soon to be babies.” My partner was terrified, so we got inside as quick as possible after moving the eggs. Now what was going to happen and would our plan work? Immediately Dodi came back and first sat in the weak nest! I went outside pointed a finger and said, “No that’s not the right nest, go sit in the other one!” It was completely amazing and awe inspiring, she   flew out of the weak nest and sat in the good nest….. where she remained for the rest of this adventure. So the question was… After a week of sitting on two different nests would all the eggs hatch? With my obsessive tendencies and fierce admiration for non-human animals, I watched and watched and watched, standing in the kitchen with my binoculars wondering if our plan would work. Finally, the first egg hatched. Then the second. I know this because in my obsession when mom was away from nest...

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Earth Magic

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Most people want to wake up inspired and happy to be alive. We long to feel connection to something greater than just our own personal spheres, we crave meaning. The need to experience wonder, a sense of magic and possibility are vital for a healthy life. One of the easiest and most obvious ways that we are able to feel connection, wonder and magic is often ignored. This never ending marvel around us at all times, providing us with all that we breathe, drink and eat; the source of everything –- Earth, who is our Provider, Sustainer and Mother. Of course, as I know you know, because of our inattention to her, the Earth in all her forms- water, plants, ecosystems, animals– are suffering, and the biodiversity and health of the planet declining. Now is the time for all of us to wake up to the wonder of life everywhere, and feel our connection to everything, if we want life on this planet to stand a chance. When we are grateful for and open to the beauty and amazement that is our planet, we naturally feel better, become more open and alive, as well as begin to make choices that will be less harmful to Earth. The term biophilia means love of life or living systems. This term was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital. Edward O Wilson, introduced and popularized this hypothesis “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Personally, I am a biophiliac—I love all of nature, the plethora of plants and the entirety of animals that share this planet with us, and I need to connect with nature to survive. There have been many studies demonstrating the importance of spending time in nature and its effects on our own healing capacities. Patients in hospitals heal faster when they have a window in their room, and especially when they can see a tree. Nature is especially important now at a time when it seems like technology is taking over the world and our abilities to connect to anything that’s ‘natural’. And we must see the importance of the environment if we are to preserve any of it from the never ending development and construction. Connecting with and appreciating Earth is one of my greatest joys— Weather teaches me constantly that nothing is stable (especially Colorado weather!!!).  Nature teaches me to be present, and that there is a divinity and power everywhere, especially in silence. I obviously love the term The Magic Within, since this is what I name my current show, however sometimes we have to go into the Magic Without to find the Magic Within. Let’s go into the ultimate of the Magic Without– The Magic Outside! In honor of everyday being Earth day and with my hope that someday we will create an Earth honoring world, I am sharing with you here an excerpt from my book The Mpath, Journey to the Magic Within: One of the ways we can access our helpers and open up to our Magic Within is by spending time in nature.  When we appreciate the beauty of nature, we awaken to something larger and develop a greater belief in what is possible.  Communing with trees,...

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Unstick Your Magic

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I LOVE magic! Real magic. Fake magic. Every type of magic in between. However, as a magic lover sometimes I feel like I am also the Queen of Stuck Magic. The times when I feel as if I have no mojo, energy or fire…. Or even worse, like I am a poster child for self-loathing. Do these type of feelings ever happen to you? One of the most powerful magics we possess is how we deal when we are smack dab in the middle of some serious anti-magic moment. With that being said I would like to share with you some tools and tricks for the next time non-magic is pushing you down. Not all of these techniques are about avoiding the yucky vibe, as I believe that being present with what is, can sometimes be the most magical of all.     Super Powerful Tricks to Try When Your Magic is Clogged Move that Gorgeous Body of Yours While it may be true that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, as opposed to physical beings having a spiritual experience—it is definitely true that our bodies are an incredible magical gift…. A gift that can give us pleasure, pain and every feeling and sensation in between. We store all kinds of memories and feelings in our bodies and that we need movement and exercise to keep the body temple healthy. Next time you feel super stuck energetically and anti-magically—put on your sneaks and head outside—Run, Skip, Jog, Tip Toe, Walk… get the juices flowing…. Not to mention that being outside is a whole heaping cup of medicine in its own right. The air, trees and clouds will fill you with all kinds of healing good vibes. Take in what is around you, and while you are doing that keep moving your body through space. If you would rather put on some really great angry music or any music that inspires you to move do that! And then dance like you have never danced before! Roll around on the ground, kick, jump, go wild… Allow the energy to flow, and I promise you, pretty soon your magic stuckness will start to dissipate. Breathe and Sit With It We are such a go go go culture that sometimes the reason we don’t feel our magic is because we don’t stop long enough to be infused with it’s power…. Then we can begin to feel yucky, and who wants to stop and feel yuckiness? But in order to feel the yummy we have to feel the yucky. Whatever is pushing you down wants expression, that is part of why it is there. If you have an altar sit in front of it, or just light a candle, lie down on your bed, put on some soothing music and just Be— Just breathe and allow all the sensations, thoughts and feelings to wash over you— Act as if you have nothing to do but just be, so be. Let it flow. If you want to cry then cry. If you want to laugh then laugh. Just be with what arises. When we allow ourselves to be present with what is we create a type of acceptance and letting go. Often allowing and letting go is the most powerful magic there is. Scream Bloody...

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