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Winter Wonderment and Solstice Secrets

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Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and will occur this Tuesday December 22nd 2015.  All the Winter Holydays one celebrates at this time of the year originate from the Winter Solstice also known as Yule. By honoring Winter Solstice we remember the magic of being part of something larger that is always changing and renewing, like us!  Ritual acts will naturally give our lives more meaning. The word Solstice comes from two Latin words: sol meaning “Sun” and sistere meaning “to stand still“.   Bring more Magic into your life this Winter Solstice Honoring the Darkness  Spend time in silence or/and in nature.  Allow the Magic of darkness to reveal itself to you.  We do not need to fear the darkness as there is much nourishment there. Put to Sleep What no longer Serves  Meditate and pray about what you no longer need.  Close your eyes and imagine this part of you going to sleep, allow this sleep to turn to a quiet easy death.  Know that part of you has melted away like snow in the Sun Honor the Upcoming Light With Fire  Oh there are so many ways to do this!  Light a Yule Log, which goes back ions.  Fill a log with magical intention and watch it burn, then scatter the ashes if you are so inspired.  Fill your home on Solstice night with only candles instead of electric lights.  Light a big candle and then have everyone in your home light their own personal candle from it as they bless each other.  Make a bonfire and as you make wished jump the bonfire. Mistletoe Magic  Did you know that the mistletoe you hang over your door to inspire kisses is taken from an old Druid tradition?  The Druids regarded mistletoe as sacred and it was believed to have much healing power. Kissing under the mistletoe was a pledge of friendship. Create Your Own Magical Solstice Rituals! Wishing you a delightful and Magical Holyday...

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Magic in the Bud, the Bloom and the Beauty

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Nothing fills me with more Magic and Wonder then spending time in Nature.  The beauty and energy of trees, clouds, wind, stars and everything else in the natural world takes me into an enchanted and altered space.  I also see metaphor in everything.  Nature not only can bring us unlimited amounts of joy and peace, it can also teach us many things. Every morning my four legged and I walk the same trail near my house.  In the Summer I watched as a huge Sunflower bush went through its constant changes. Everyday was a new adventure regarding which flower would bloom, change or die. Here is a brief learning story I put together with pictures from this oh so lovely Sunflower plant:                                 SPARK Nothing but pure being Only presence and possibility. BEGINNING Noticing. Starting to feel one’s Magic. With courage, a step. OPENING Feeling connected to one’s magic. Starting to trust oneself. IN IT Standing strong in one’s power. Flourishing and creating. DOUBTING Wondering. Where is the strength and wisdom?   RELEASE Change and destroy.  Here again.   All there is to do is accept this death and silence     And so we are back to the spark, to the bud. And so it begins again and again….. Like the Sunflower we too go through our cycles.  In this world of productivity and speed we can often feel something is wrong when we are not making things happen fast enough.  We too, have our seasons and our phases.  Can we learn about being and presence from the Sunflower?  I hope so! Wishing you all much Magic and Peace this holyday season as you journey though all your ups and downs, ease and struggle and live your one precious life.    ...

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Act Your Way Into Magic This Halloween

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Mysterious and enchanting Halloween is here!  Also known as Samhain or the witches new year, this holiday marks the beginning of a new cycle.  It is at this time of year that we get deeper glimpses into the unknown both inside and outside of us.  Now is the time where the veil between magical dimensions is the thinnest.  This means anything is possible…. Why not use this time to deepen the magic in your own life? Yes, dressing up and eating candy are all part of the Halloween celebration, but why not also explore the mystery and magic which is begging to be uncovered.  Since dressing up has an element of pretend it seems to me that we can go deeper into this world of pretend and harness its power! If you could have the attributes of anybody in the world who would you be like and why?  What kind of change are you striving for in your life?  What do you most wish for?  Now just like you put on your Halloween costume, put on your answers to the above questions as if they are real.  Act your way into reality  by pretending that what you wish for and who you want to be is actually real.   Here Are a Few of My Magical Secrets to Help You In this Process: *Accept as true. I really love the expression from Star Wars, May the Force Be With You.  Utilizing even just a tiny bit of force…  FORCE yourself to believe in the reality that you are working to cultivate. *Embrace Zen mind beginners mind.  I have a friend Rosy who is a faerie and she is always telling me that the imagination is more real than reality.  I realize it is asking a lot to say that the imagination is more ‘real’ than the concrete world we have convinced ourselves we are living in.  Yet even Albert Einstein said, “The imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”  So if a brilliant scientist who created massive change in our world is convinced of the power of the imagination then surely we can believe. *Take risks.  Act as if you are this new person.  Believe.  Let go. *Don’t be too smart.  Your rational brain will most likely get the best of you if you do not control it.  Of course your brain will act like the ‘reality police’.  Your brain and your eyes may see something different but you have to ground yourself in your imagination.  As if there really is no other way. *When the “This isn’t real” voice comes in.  Silence it and send it to its room. May your Halloween costume embody your most magical and marvelous self!...

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Cicada Magic

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  I found this skin clinging to a curtain in my backyard. I find it comical many humans feel superior to the nature kingdom…. Ha! There is infinite MAGIC and learning to be had in nature! This brilliant little critter molted right out of their skin and literally physically emerged a new and adult Cicada. I often wish I could wave my magical wand, step right out of my skin and be born anew, better and different…. Cicada medicine is rich… teaching us about rebirth, shedding and growing into ourselves…. My wish is that like this little creature we are all able to shed the old and become the magic, the new and our full...

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Erica’s Five Secrets to Access the Magic of Play

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I still sleep with the same stuffed Elf that I have had since I was seven years old.  His name is Tweedles the Elf.  He is fabulously worn, re-sewn, re-stuffed, falling apart and completely loved. Yes it’s true that I even took him to Greece with me when I was in my 30s. While people often look at me strange and think it odd that I hold onto something from my past that is dilapidated beyond belief…. He reminds me of something. He reminds me that we are still youthful, playful and childlike until we decide otherwise. When I see a child expressing their emotions freely in public I look around me at all the quiet and well behaved adults and I can see that they too long to be freely and playfully expressed. Yet society likes to train the magic of play out of adults. I believe it is greatly due to my intense sense of play that I am able to wake up each morning despite my struggles and my pain. The magic of play helps me survive no matter what life hands me. When I speak of play I am talking about possessing and experiencing a sense of wonder, mystery and joy. Being playful has a gazillion positive effects! Play is not only fun, which helps us feels good, it is healthy for us and can provoke quite a bit of productivity. When we allow ourselves to get out of our linear, problem-solution, adult mindset we activate different parts of our brain. Play has the ability to improve our mood and boosts our creativity. Play aids in problem solving. Play helps us see things in new ways and make connections we don’t normally make. Erica’s Five Secrets to Access the Magic of Play: IN NATURE Nothing inspires my playful joy like a jaunt in nature! Spend time outside and bond with the trees, flowers, clouds, wildlife…… Remember how much time you spent outside as a child?  Search for imaginary creatures, such as faeries and elves… look under mushrooms….. Hug the trees, yes and talk to them too (and of course listen, as they may reveal some much needed secrets to you).  Have fun and play in nature however you are so inspired! DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY When approaching a familiar situation think and act differently!  You don’t need a reason to hold your dog’s leash with a different hand or permission to talk gibberish for a day or to take a completely different route to work, you can do it just because you can. Who says you can’t howl at the full Moon or act like you don’t speak English at a restaurant? Think outside of your box….. PET MAGIC Play with dogs! The silliness that the canine world possesses is a jewel to be treasured.  Roll around and play jaw/jaw with your pet. In addition to cuddling and throwing the ball, get down and dirty with woman’s best friend!  Walk on all fours and go belly up, pretend to be a doggie for a day! If it’s even possible, your dog will love you even more. PHYSICAL EXERCISE In addition to your normal routine of walking, hiking or running, try a different kind of exercise… Why not skip instead on your usual morning walk? I find it is not...

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Meeting a Magical and Helpful Friend: Your Entelechy

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The word Entelechy is an ancient Greek word which means “fully realized essence of a thing”.  Entelechy is way bigger and beyond our potential, our entelechy is us in the future, fully accessing our magic and completely actualized. Our entelechy is us as if we had 50,000 years to work on ourselves. We all come into the world with an entelechy of greatness. The entelechy of a caterpillar is to be a butterfly. The entelechy of an acorn is to be an oak tree. Our entelechy can and wants to help us! Meeting and befriending our entelechy can be profoundly helpful as we journey forward to find and live from our magic. Here is a practice to help you connect, learn and grow from your entelechy. Find a quiet comfortable place to be alone. Close your eyes and imagine that standing in front of you is your future self, you as if you have had a million years to work on yourself. Give yourself time to see your entelechy in your mind’s eye as clearly as you can. Imagine all the details of what you look at including what you are wearing. You notice that your entelechy is looking at you with so much love and compassion for she or he knows the secrets of your soul and the map to your destiny. Allow your entelechy to touch you in some way, perhaps you hold hands with your future self or they embrace you. With this touch your entelechy is filling you now with energy and magic to be bold and courageous in going after your dreams. Feel the magic, clarity and power that your entelechy is filling you with. When you feel complete thank your entelechy and know that they are opening doors for you to connect to the right people to manifest your greatest good.  Listen for a secret or a message they want to share with you. This message is giving you a secret to accessing all the magic that lives inside of you. What secret did you receive from your future self? What wisdom can you take from the meeting of yourself in the future? Write about your insights and know you can access this magical friend whenever you need and want an extra powerful spark of...

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There is MAGIC in Light and Dark!

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I love hiking and being outside at dusk!  I find one cannot know what mysteries the changing light will reveal.  One of the things that I am most often struck with is how right before it goes dark, everything becomes illuminated. The Sunset brightens the path and creates glowing plants and light shadows all over.  It mesmerizes and silences me. We have all heard the expression, “It is darkest before the dawn” I imagine the opposite must also be true, “It is brightest before the dark”. What makes the plants and trees illuminate and glow right  before they become eclipsed in shadow?  Clearly there is something magical and powerful going on.  Some type of mystery I don’t understand.  I always say that a truth in one area is a truth in all areas.  So just as the plants glow at dusk, does that mean that as darkness is ascending onto us, there is also radical beauty? Our culture is wired to love the light, light is considered healing while shadow and darkness are avoided and shunned.  One only has to ponder for a moment to realize that without darkness there would be no light.  We cannot really experience one without the other, can we? Today I enjoyed seeing light shining through crevices just as much as I enjoyed watching my own shadow move. Perhaps light and dark are not so different.  If we experience light and dark as simply two sides of the same coin we are able to receive the gifts that both have to offer.  When light and dark are created outside it is because of the power and magic of the ever receptive Moon and the energetic Sun. Erica’s Tools to Accessing Magic From Light and Dark *It is in darkness that seeds sprout and take form.  Often in our own lives it is in the darkness or shadow that a magical epiphany is born.  Can you allow yourself entry to discover what secrets await? *In the darkness we cannot rely on sight to be our guide.  Tap into all your senses and your intuition to find your way.  Use your extra sensory perceptions especially! *As shadow descends notice what is truly present and compelling.  There will be something of beauty that is present, allow yourself to bask in that as well. *What is the darkness casting a shadow on?  How can you look at a situation differently in your life?   May the dark and light bring you to the most magical place….. inside...

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Erica’s Magical Tools to Develop Your Memory

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We have many untapped tools within us to help us live more magical, productive and enjoyable lives.  Recently I have become fascinated and interested in our relationship with our brains.  If we intentionally communicate more directly with our brains, our brain can become an ally.  In my deepening connection with my brain I have discovered that I need to develop my memory.  A good memory is a powerful and beneficial tool. If we are capable of remembering valuable information then we have much more wisdom to draw on in all areas of our lives. If we can remember our past mistakes we are less likely to repeat them.  If we can easily call on wisdom and anecdotes we hear or read in books, we have more inspiration to tap into in living our lives.  Our creativity deepens. Mnemonsyne is the Goddess of Memory and she is considered one of the most powerful Goddesses. Tis very interesting that in Greek mythology Mnemonsyne is the mother of the nine muses of creativity… In other words, according to the Greeks, memory is the foundation of all creativity.  Not just in our art but in living our lives. Just like I believe that everyone can learn to sing, everyone can develop their memory.  Yes, basic health habits help memory… eating well, getting great nourishing sleep, exercising long and often and reducing stress.  However magic can also help develop memory.  Mnemonics are an incredibly helpful tool in developing memory.  Mnemonics are memory techniques.  In Greek lore memory was first created when the ruler Simonides was called upon to identify the location of guests in a banquet hall which was completely destroyed.  The concept of using loci (location) was created to help with memory and there are other techniques including association and chunking. Strong links have been made between memory and the imagination. Science has proven that the brain does not make a difference between what actually has happened and an imagined event.  Thus we can remember events that we haven’t even experienced thereby fine tuning our senses and increasing our perceptions. It is believed that accessing childhood memories can trigger and stimulate the memory banks. Right now ask yourself the following questions and allow time to remember: *What was your favorite childhood food?  *Your favorite teacher?  *Your favorite hobby?  *Look at old photos of yourself and try and remember the moment in the picture as much as you can.  After you spend time remembering the past work in the realm of the imaginal memory… *Remember yourself building the Egyptian pyramids or moving the rocks at Stonehenge. *Remember yourself in any time/place in history you have always wanted to experience. Now comes the most magical part… Imagine your dreams coming true as vividly as you can…. See it, know it, trust it and allow it to...

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Magic Medicine is Everywhere

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All Summer I have been getting wasps in my house and because I try to never be responsible for the death of anybody I find ways to put them outside… Finally I discovered that I had a wasp nest above my back door. So now I simply keep the door closed and we all co-exist in harmony. Yesterday I was walking with Alchemy and saw the wildest nest in the ground… a different kind of wasp the Yellowjackets, they came out and stung my dog and I… After quite a bit of anxiety worrying about the safety of my dog (Woody Allen could have found some great material for a character) I finally calmed down and looked up the amazing magic of wasps and I am now convinced Wasp is one of my totems, next time I will pay more attention to the ones above my door to avoid the ones attacking me from the ground....

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Deadheading Magic

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I always say that a truth in one area is a truth in all areas and in a gazillion ways there is no better analogy for personal magic than gardening. Without constantly deadheading (removing dead flowers) plants will not grow and flourish. It’s almost comical how much I can refuse to let go of what clearly no longer serves. Ahhhhh… if only we could continually deadhead in our own lives we would (like our flowers) become more beautiful, more abundant and more...

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