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Little Magic

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There is an obsession in our culture with the best, the biggest, the most – For example, it is common to hear, “this year will be my best year”, “I will make the most money”, “attract more customers”, “this year big things will happen to me”— Yes, I realize there is joy and satisfaction to be had in accomplishing goals, I get it—but really I ask you, where has all this focus on achieving gotten us? The land of accomplishment has created a stressed out fast paced world, which has forgotten that part of the meaning of life is being present. Noticing. Enjoying the world around us. Speed and greed are not only unhealthy for humans, they devastate and destroy the earth and all the creatures that share this planet with us. The mindset of- ‘I have to be better’ may cause one to feel like a failure when they do not achieve their goals. I refuse to believe that magic is merely about manifesting goals. Personally, I believe we are here to create a better world and a meaningful life moment by moment— and I say real magic lives in the little things, the little magic that exists everywhere.   In the thesaurus the synonyms of magic are thus: fascinating, captivating, charming, glamorous, magical, enchanting, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic, irresistible, hypnotic, sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, enchantment, spell working, incantation, the supernatural, occultism, the occult, divination, voodoo, hoodoo, sympathetic magic, witchery.   Check out that list of what magic is! We can all experience magic every day, when magic becomes about those things, as opposed to making a million dollars. With the above magical descriptions, we can still experience spellbinding yummy and very readily available magic, even when we are not accomplishing our goals or tackling our to do list. In addition to my love of magic, living a meaningful life is very important to me and hopefully it is to you too. One of the biggest ways I find meaning is being in the moment and noticing the magic all around me… and the best thing about this is— the magic around me never stops. Where I find magic might not be the same place that you find magic, though my hope is that by sharing my experiences with you, you will find inspiration to look deeper in whatever crevices magic lurks around you. Some Personal Examples of My Experiencing Little Magic *If you haven’t noticed by now I LOVE being outside! When I am outside magical wonders and enchantments beckon me practically everywhere that I look. I literally cannot walk outside without encountering magic, and luckily any trip outside always has be returning indoors refreshed. However gratefully even in my house I can find the magic, whether it is by the beauty of one of our gazillion house plants, the flicker of a candle on my wall, or the gazing outside at the squirrels taking over the bird feeders. Some examples of outdoor magic—the staccato movement of a chickadee, the glamour of a northern flicker, the swoop of a hawk, the sky laughing with snow, the insane wind clearing out and blowing me around, the changing mysterious light dance of Sun and Moon, the plethora of living beings I am often blessed to see—turtles, insects, dragonflies, coyotes, bunnies, frogs...

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Strengthen Your Psychic Powers this Winter

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Folks often ask how I am able to know the information and secrets I know during my shows and readings– Well, as I always say, “I don’t do anything that every single one of us isn’t capable of”. That being said, Winter is a perfect time for you to deepen your connection to your Magic Within! Winter is an internal and quiet time which lends itself to explore the mysteries the mysteries through more meditation, more stillness and more divination. There are a gazillion ways to pick up on information – and even more props that one can use to find the information. Some popular divinatory tools that I love are tarot cards, runes, palmistry, pendulums, scrying, dreams, cloud shapes, rocks, and more…. What props speak to you? Pick a divinatory prop that seems fun and interesting to you – You can even divine through soap suds or the sound of wind… I don’t believe in many rules. I believe in following your heart and using your imagination. Okay, so let’s say you now have the tool you are going to use to divine information— How will you now experience your guidance through your senses? There are a plethora of ways to pick experience your intuitive and/or psychic gifts. While often a person will have a strong leaning and natural talent for one or two psychic senses, we can strengthen and learn to use all of our psychic senses to access our intuition and psychic powers. Here are five distinct different ways that we can pick up on information: Clairvoyant The psychic ability of seeing. Clairsentient The psychic talent of feeling. Clairaudience The psychic skill of hearing. Clairgustance the psychic power of tasting. Clairessence The psychic ability of smelling. Claircognisence The psychic ability of knowing. Personally I use a combination of the above… With claircognisence and clairessence probably being two of my most developed… That’s right, I can smell aromas that aren’t actually in the room which helps in my intuition. Notice how you experience the seen and unseen worlds… What forms speak to you and what do you already have a natural tendency towards that you just need to pay more attention to? Yay, so you have your props and are opening to your psychic senses— I now welcome you to make an altar this Winter.  You can put on the altar pictures and objects of what magic or Winter mean to you and you can set candles and your divinatory props. You only need to do this if it’s fun and inspires you. You are ready! Sit in front of your altar (or anywhere you want) and pose a question or simply ask for guidance on what you need to know. Use your divinatory tools… You can research the tool or simply make up the meanings using your imagination. Trust yourself. Make time this Winter to go inside of yourself, to explore the mystery and find out what secrets are awaiting you. Have fun and know that there is no right or wrong way to do this… There is only what feels good to you. Magic mainly comes when we are truly moved from within. When we are having fun and opening to the mystery we become more...

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Tarot Divination Just for You

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I believe we all need a little bit of guidance (or a lot depending how life is going). That being said I thought it would be super fun to offer a little bit of divination magic specifically created just for you! Magic to help you access your wisdom and your powers…. This divination is one of the many special divinations taken from my book The Mpath, Journey to the Magic Within—- The etymology of the word divination means ‘to be inspired by a god’- It doesn’t mean telling someone what to do or facts set in stone… That being said, let’s now directly dive into the deep Magic of the Tarot. Tarot is an ancient art form of divination containing within in it five different suits; four minor arcana and one major arcana. The major arcana is the most fascinating and enchanting suit in the tarot because it represents the journey each of us go on in our lives. I like to think of the different cards in the major arcana as different archetypes each of us will embody at one time or another.  Look through the following list of the major arcana cards and choose the character that represents you most right now, the card that best symbolizes who you are, where you are going and the medicine you most need at this time.  Read the affirmation and *Mbody it.  If you feel called, research the card that you have chosen in depth so you can allow the magic to come through even more.   Which of the following cards will you choose? Fool- Magician- High Priestess- Empress- Emperor-  Hierophant- Lovers- Chariot- Strength- Hermit-  Wheel of Fortune- Justice- Hanged Man- Death-Temperance-  Devil- Tower- Star- Moon- Sun- Judgement- World     Find the Magic and affirmation here:   Fool I am a symbol of TRUST and innocence.  I follow my heart and know wherever I go I cannot fail!   Magician I am a symbol of MAGIC.  Where my thoughts go, energies flow; thus, I have the ability to create whatever I focus on!   Priestess I am a symbol of WISDOM.  I have incredible access to the unconscious realms; thus, my intuition is right on!   Empress I am a symbol of MOTHER EARTH.  I am in touch with my femininity and I appreciate beauty and nature in all forms! Emperor I am a symbol of STABILITY. I embody the strong and powerful father figure who knows how to create order out of chaos!   Hierophant I am a symbol of ANCIENT TEACHINGS.  I follow and conform to tradition and social structures!   Lovers I am a symbol of LOVE.  I am genuine and authentic while I establish my own belief system.   Chariot I am a symbol of CONFIDENCE.  I maintain focus and self-discipline and I am successful at my goals.   Strength I am a symbol of POWER.  I have the will, stamina and power, inside myself to focus on what I need to do and overcome any obstacle. Hermit I am a symbol of TRUTH.  I seek solitude and introspection and find all the answers within myself.   Wheel of Fortune I am a symbol of GOOD LUCK.  I accept and go with the flow of life, while...

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Empathy in the World of Accomplishing

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How much do you make? Where do you live? What do you do? How many facebook friends do you have? The one thing all these questions have in common is they are solely about accomplishment. We live in a culture that puts emphasis on accomplishing. Success in life is determined by the house, the job, the family, the vacations….. Yet where has all this ‘success’ gotten us? A mere 33% of all Americans surveyed in 2017 said they were happy. And with a population of almost 326 million people living in America that comes to 218.14 million unhappy Americans. Wow! Currently the United States comes in #18 when it comes to happiness. We work more yet have one of the highest depression rates. I have spent most of my life pretty much denying and walking away from any goal that society values. Granted I know now this has at times been detrimental to me, and as I get older I realize there can be great benefits in playing the game. This being said… seeing the game for what it is, is crucial to avoid the pitfalls of thinking the only way we are successful is by way of accomplishing. The dictionary definition of success: a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity Oy vey—That is a limited definition of success! What if success means living with integrity? Being a good person? Having empathy and living as compassionately as possible? In this moment I choose to redefine success as: Feeling empathy for all beings and living a life of compassion and integrity. The dictionary defines these ideas this way: Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Compassion: a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for other people’s suffering or bad luck and a desire to help When we die, what of us will be remembered? Will it be how much money we made, or instead how we touched people? I believe the most important qualities in life are compassion, love, creativity and creating a better world (in addition to living with as much joy as possible). The main reason most of us humans focus on money, the career, the house, the blah blah blah…. you name it, is because society tells us this is what matters most. What if society told us the most important things were how much we cared about other beings, especially those that are different then us? Well, as a performer and activist I believe caring, empathy and compassion are vital to a ‘successful’ life. And oh my, there are a gazillion reasons to care! The benefits of having empathy for humans, for all animals and for the planet are infinite. However, for the sake of space, time and magic, we are only going to focus on three benefits that happen when we are more empathic. Three Powerful Benefits of Growing Your Empathy We Become a More Patient, Understanding and Compassionate Person We humans spend so much time wondering what other people are thinking about US! How ridiculous! Most of the time nobody is even thinking about us (except us of course, we never stop thinking about ourselves).  As we develop empathy we naturally become open and curious, and become better listeners. Our relationships improve. ALL our relationships improve!...

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Spring Lessons from My Garden

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Ah wonderful Spring! A time when Magic so obviously fills the air! I have crazy abundant awe and wonder for the return of life in the natural world from what appears to be dead. How is it that what looks completely lifeless on the surface suddenly comes alive with new leaves and buds? Who knew that science contained such Magic? Lately I have been wishing I became a biologist in addition to a performer. Today I decided to go into my yard and honor this first day of Spring, by observing all the new life. I wanted to see what lessons awaited me and what magic I would discover. I was curious to see if I could find wisdom in this growth that related to what I teach in my keynotes—Improving Memory, Developing Empathy and Shifting Perceptions. All I can say is– as usual whenever I spend time in nature I am moved to feelings of joy, and touched by how much the natural world can teach us. And in this case the blossoms of wonderful wisdom that Spring offered me were vast, vibrant and very vivacious. I want to share them with you in the hopes that they inspire and transform you as well as they have me. Here are the little lessons that my hydrangea, lavender, crocus, hyacinth, earthworms, soil and other magnificent beings teach us:   Paying Attention Nature is constantly changing, even in stillness there is so much energy in a tree or plant. When we look deeply into a plant we can often feel the life brewing. Do you want a better memory? A better ability to know what those around you are thinking and feeling? Would you like to experience more magic in your life? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then start paying MORE ATTENTION. Breathe. Look around you. Notice. Take in. Savor. When we pay attention our memory naturally improves, as the foundation of developing a good memory is awareness. When we are in the present moment and noticing and listening, we become better able to feel what another person is experiencing. And of course, here in the now is the only place we can truly discover that our definition of reality is limited. Nature teaches us to stop and pay attention!   Shifting Perceptions It never ceases to amaze me that we often call a plant “dead” even though it is very much alive. Frequently the plant that we call dead is just dormant, and below the soil surface there is life, magic and movement happening in spades. Clearly what we may perceive as truth is nothing but our perception, and as we all know sometimes our perceptions are not only incorrect, they are also unhelpful. Spring growth shows us that we can start anew. Every year spring returns, and we like nature, have a second chance, this is a lesson that we can apply to the rest of our lives. Instead of being miserable about something that didn’t work out the way we wanted, or holding onto anger, we can just like the perennial in our garden, let it go and start over. Thank you plants!   Patience Have you ever tried to make something happen and finally gave up because it seemed no matter what...

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Women’s Magical Wisdom

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Many years ago I had a vision of a magazine column about Women in Magic– Well, nothing became of this vision, except some really fun interviews and articles that were never published– As today is Women’s Day I thought I would honor those sisters-oh-mine in the conjuring arts…. So here is the first article I wrote! I hope you enjoy it–   IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS MAGIC   It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you to my new column! My intention is that this will be an inspiring and thought provoking place for ALL of us who love and adore magic. Topics will range from practical, like costuming and marketing, to philosophical, like how to utilize your intuition. For the first article, I thought it would be fun to start at the very beginning, *What Brings Us to Magic *What We Love About this Incredible Art Form *Why We stay Here despite the Many Obstacles Upon interviewing magicians it becomes pretty clear right away that there is no one specific path that a person takes in becoming a professional magician. Vegas headliner Ariann Black’s mother tells the story about how Ariann did not speak even one word until she saw her first magic trick at the age of four. She was so enthralled by the trick that she not only started talking but she also figured out how the trick was done…  after that her fate was sealed. When singer, dancer, and magician Abigail McBride was a little girl her friend who was a little boy got a magic kit. She wanted to spend time with the little boy and he introduced her to the magical secrets. After years of performing music, Abigail was reintroduced to magic through her connection with Jeff McBride.  Juggler, magician and family show entertainer Ann Lincoln wasn’t even interested in magic until she was 20 years old and was juggling in a Renaissance Faire as a court jester. She wanted to expand her act so she started to learn a couple of tricks. Well, years later and a couple of tricks grew into becoming a professional magician. At 30 years old, I found myself at my first magic convention. Already working as an actress and entertainer, it seemed logical for me to start working on sleight of hand skills, which came quite naturally to me. As I began to grow as a magician, I eventually remembered that as a little girl I loved magic and used to perform neighborhood magic shows charging a penny admission. Oh dear reader and now I ask you, “What was your path like?”  Did you start magic at four years old like Ariann, or did you discover magic later in life like Ann? Or did you eventually, like Abigail and I, return to magic after years on a different path? We all come to discover magic in different ways, yet I think you would agree, that for most of us, once you are involved with magic, it feel as if a hook is reeling you in closer and closer to discover the secrets and to touch people on a deep level…. Touching people deeply seems to be a common theme for why we do magic. Abigail says, “Magic opens people to the possibility that...

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The Power of Fantasy

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  Lately I have been thinking a lot about Fantasy– in relation to magic. Fantasy is a term usually used in relation to either children’s stories or sexual fantasies for adults… However I think fantasy and fantasizing in all areas of life, can be beneficial in a gazillion ways!!! Fantasy improves imagination, enhances creativity, allows much needed shifts in perception, is super fun, can create calm and less worry, and assists in creating and experiencing MAGIC…… So go on fantasize more!...

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Magic in the Simple Moments

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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. who don’t believe in magic will never find it. -Ronald Dahl     It is in what seems the most ordinary moments that I experience the most magic—and nothing evokes wonder in me like SNOWFLAKES! Here in Colorado one can actually see with their bare eyes how every single snowflake is different! In disbelief and awe I  sit outside in a snowstorm and scrutinize the shape, lines, space and beauty of each delicate sliver of white astonishment that falls around me. I could be walking into a room and suddenly I am stopped in my tracks by the blinding sun rays falling on the walls, or perhaps I gaze transfixed at the flowing movement under a hard frozen river. Perhaps its the feeling of warmth and connection with a cashier at the grocery store. We don’t need grand displays, magic is everywhere beckoning us…. This week may you slow down to notice the marvels all around you, and be awakened and enlivened by...

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So You Want To Read Minds?

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Often I am asked if I was born with the skills that I demonstrate in my presentations and performances. The answer to this question is no, all of us are capable of developing a super memory as well as strengthening our empathic and telepathic skills. So in honor of this Halloween time when the veil is thinnest and mystery and magic abound, here are 6 tools that you can implement right away that will help you open up to your empathic skills and find out what those around you are thinking and feeling. 1) First we have to get out of our own heads in order to get into the head of someone else. We can do this by developing a meditation practice. The clearer the mind, the more information you will receive about somebody. Practice a simple form of Vipassana meditation. A simple five minute a day practice of focusing the breath will do wonders. 2) When speaking with someone, use all of your senses. Focus your attention. We often only rely on the words someone is saying. Words are a small fraction of how we actually communicate. Open your ears, your eyes and your instinct! You will be amazed at the information you will pick up on when you are focused and paying attention. 3) So much of what a person is thinking and feeling is revealed through their body language. Study and learn about tone of voice, micro expressions and facial expressions and stance. There are a gazillion books on this subject. Here are three body language cues to watch out for that you can start deciphering right away: *Touching the nose: When someone is touching their nose it usually signifies disbelief, lying or rejection. *Rubbing hands: If not cold then the person is probably very worried or super excited about something. *The way someone’s body is facing when they are in conversation with you is a sign of what is going on for them. If someone is turning away from you they are likely angry or trying to get away. If, however, they are mirroring your movements then they are probably trying to get close to you and win your affections. 4) Feelings can be contagious. Are you suddenly feeling a knot in your stomach when talking with a person? Can you feel their excitement? Notice how YOU feel when you talk with someone and it might be a clue to what’s going on for them. 5) LISTEN. I mean really listen to when someone speaks. If we can listen without thinking about our reply, or the future, we will hear not only the words that the person is saying but the energy behind their words. 6) Sliding. This can be a powerful tool to develop empathy and experience the world of another. As you are talking to someone, someone whose personal experience you want to understand, imagine stepping out of your body and into their body. See through their eyes. Breathe through their breath. At this Halloween time when we dive into the shadow and the dark, may you open to your intuitive abilities to know the thoughts and feelings of those around you. May this knowledge enhance your relationships and improve your success in both work and...

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Patience, The Magic of the Black Eyed Susan

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I planted Lazy Susan seeds, oops! I mean Black Eyed Susan seeds back in April. From April until August almost every day I ran outside looking for the smallest inkling of the emerging Black Eyed Susan’s, to no avail… Finally I gave up, obviously they didn’t make it. Then out of nowhere in the middle of August the ground was suddenly full of little greens popping up, and low and behold two weeks ago the first flower opened!!!!! And as I type this, there is currently a small field of glowing, shimmering and beautiful Black Eyed Susans. This is the way it can feel with our dreams and goals sometimes, doesn’t it? We plant, we work towards, we water, we try, we plot, we plan, we focus… but after a while nothing grows. Nothing happens. We might even feel that it is futile to keep trying so we give up. Where is the Magic? I suspect that often the Magic is happening so deep that we can’t see it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could believe that just like the Black Eyed Susans, our dreams are manifesting, Magic is taking place, we just need patience to know it is happening, to keep going…. Four Keys to Cultivate Patience in Manifesting our Goals   Believe in Magic Timing Perhaps there’s a reason why your goal isn’t manifesting as fast as you would like. Maybe you are not ready yet. Maybe if your dream did manifest right now something yucky would happen. Can you adopt the following thought, “I am totally guided and this goal will manifest when the timing is right. I know my goal will manifest at the perfect time and for the highest good of all involved.” Focus on the Small Shifts I am sure there are plenty of ways that your dream actually is manifesting, but possibly the shifts are frustratingly small to you. How do you expect more of the good stuff when you aren’t even acknowledging or giving yourself credit for all the ways your dream is manifesting? Honor and embrace the shifts no matter how small! Celebrate Your Life Right Now and Have Fun Focus on all the blessings in your life and what is going right. When we feel good we are more productive and we become a magnet for possibilities and positive mojo. After all, isn’t life really about living and not just manifesting? Get More Specific Perhaps you are acting in ways that aren’t conducive to your goals, or staying in inaction. Maybe you are all over the map with the actions you are taking to manifest your goal and not doing what you know will truly grow your dream. It is easier to manifest when you can easily and clearly see and connect to what it is you want. When you are clear the path often opens.   I promise you are moving closer to manifesting your goals, look for evidence that this is the case. On this day, in this moment, let’s keep watering, working, creating…. knowing that deep inside the darkness, just like a child growing in the womb, the Magic is taking place, the dream is starting to manifest, we just need to keep going, keep believing and cultivate just a little more patience. Patience is...

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