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Ice Cream Divination

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As we are currently in the heart and heat of the Summer, I thought it would be fun to do an ice cream divination. And when I say ice cream, I am not necessarily talking dairy, as I am a vegan with a serious sweet tooth, I buy ice cream made from coconut or almond or soy or you name it…. So right now I want you to think about your favorite ice cream flavor. If you don’t have a flavor that you most love, what flavor sounds good to you right now?   Once you have the flavor clear in your mind, read below to find out what message your flavor reveals: Chocolate: The more risks you take in life the better you will feel and the more successful you will be.  Dream big and go for it. Mint Chocolate Chip: In six months you are going to make a lot of money doing something different.  It may not always come easy to you, but please pay attention to organization. Vanilla:  Go to an art museum or gallery.  It is imperative you surround yourself with beauty.  It will lift your vibration and attract the best situation to you. Fruit Sorbet:  There is a child that needs you.  It is good to put your needs aside right now.  You are stronger then you act and great power will be bestowed on you one day. Coffee: A new relationship is coming to you, or your current partner is going to surprise you.  Whichever it is, it is imperative that you are open and expect surprises.  Fancy Flavors with lots of nuts and fun things:  Situations are not what they seem.  Look deeper to find the mysteries and don’t believe what boring people tell you.   If you are so inspired go out and get this flavor and enjoy!...

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Shed That Skin

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Nature is a constant wonder, magic and lesson to me…. Did you know that to shed their skins snakes have to rub against something hard or sharp? It’s true so perhaps we can welcome the conflicts and challenges in our lives so that we can awaken to the new… I am not saying it’s easy but I am inspired by this perfectly gorgeous and completely intact three foot long shed snake skin that I just recently found. Wishing for you the power to shed what you no longer need so that the new healthier more magical you can...

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Playing Card Divination

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Excerpt from Erica’s new book, The MPath, Journey to the Magic Within: I sense that a reading is in order. A bit of card wisdom would presently be helpful to many of you reading these words. Is there a question you have that is begging for an answer or a clarity that is just forming but not quite there yet? I invite you to please close your eyes in this moment and think about what kind of guidance you need right now. As you ruminate on your question, I ask you to please think of any of the four suits in a deck of cards. Please choose a Heart, Club, Diamond or Spade. Choose the one that resonates with you right now and trust your intuition. Good ole fashioned playing cards are truly fascinating. They were created as time keepers and can be used as a calendar. A regular deck of playing cards has four suits representing the four seasons; 52 cards in the deck representing the 52 weeks of the year; and 13 cards in a suit representing the actual 13 moon phases of the year. And, the coolest part about playing cards is they can be used for divination. Playing cards are a tarot deck minus one suit, the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards of the deck and use archetypal images to represent the journey we all go on through life. Do you have your chosen suit? Bring it back into focus. I gaze into my crystal ball and pick up on a message for each of you. Here is the guidance that you need right now:   If you thought of a Heart: Hearts is Equal to the Cups Suit in Tarot and the Element is Water. Your intuitive hunches are right on target this time. Your awareness of the subtler vibrations of life is growing. If there is something you are working to heal, NOW is the time to go for it, let go and flow like a river working its way around a bend. You have the power to heal yourself and others right now. It’s okay to be emotional but don’t get carried away by the rushing river.   If you thought of a Club: Clubs is Equal to the Swords Suit in Tarot and the Element is Air. Communicate something right now to the world or to a friend. Perhaps you need to write something down for publishing, sing a song, or have a conversation with someone to clear the air. Trust that you have cleared away what you no longer need and please give your new ideas wings. I believe in you! Soar!     If you thought of a Diamond: Diamonds is Equal to the Wands Suit in Tarot and the Element is Fire. You are magnetic right now and have the powerful ability to manifest that which you desire. You possess an incredible amount of energy right now so use it and your inner fire wisely. Now is the time to give yourself permission to transform and change in any way that speaks to you. Be open and unafraid to make money.     If you thought of a Spade: Spades is Equal to the Pentacle Suit in Tarot and the Element is Earth....

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The Art of Magical Thinking

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I teach the art of Magical Thinking. However, I don’t really like the online definitions of Magical Thinking. Dictionaries and websites define Magical Thinking as creating reality with your mind. This is NOT what I mean by Magical Thinking. In my definition Magical Thinking is about innovation, creativity and truly believing you can change Impossible to I am possible. This is not an airy fairy concept. It is not about sitting in a room visualizing. It is an active process of looking beyond the ordinary and creating and becoming extraordinary.     The pie of knowledge can be divided into four categories:   There is what we know. There is what we don’t know. There is what we know we don’t know. There is what we don’t know we don’t know.   It is the last category of the pie that is the most important. It is there we want to dwell if we strive to be passionate leaders and become successful at pretty much anything. We need to dive into and explore the terrain of what we don’t know we don’t know, to create magic for our clients, magic for our companies and magic for ourselves. If we don’t know we don’t know something, then how do we access it? In my motivational keynotes and performances I teach tangible tactics of how to find this mysterious and powerful place. I know the following may sound a bit woo woo for people, but it is an accurate description of what I am talking about. In order to access the places we don’t even know we don’t know, we need to be creative and find our practical magic. Every single one of us has a toolbox inside called Practical Magic. In this toolbox we uncover tools we didn’t even know we had. We re-find tools we knew we had but have not yet developed. We remember tools we have taken for granted. These tools focus on looking beyond the ordinary and utilize our memory and our abilities to communicate. They insist we ignore the reality police and inspire us to envision what’s never yet existed. These tools ask us to pay attention to what most people would never notice. By developing these tools, we experience less stress, become more innovative and discover how to create off the hook fabulous experiences for our clients, our company and ourselves. These tools enable us to think magically and live magically. In my upcoming articles I will explore each of these tools in depth and how we can develop them. Our lives are made by the choices we make. We can live our lives how we have always lived them and keep walking the well paved and ordinary path. Or we can challenge the status quo, break rules, find our deep well of power within and create real...

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Five Magic Tips For Welcoming 2017

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  There is a collective Magic that occurs at this time of the year. Whatever Winter holidays a person celebrates and however they honor the new year, there is definitely a power occurring that is shared all over the world and for millions of people. When we honor the changes that occur regarding weather and seasons, as well as the changes that happen in our personal lives, we allow more Magic into our lives. Oh what power occurs in paying attention!       Here are five Magic tips to ushering in 2017 -Take time to honor all that you have accomplished in 2016! Even if the achievements seems insignificant, it is still valuable to take time to acknowledge all of our successes and accomplishments. What we pay attention to grows so this will allow our successes to grow even more in 2017. -What were your challenges in 2016? Honor them too! Take note of all your struggles so that you can deepen your awareness and learn from your experiences. We need to rename and redefine the word mistake to mean awesome powerful learning lesson. -Write a letter to yourself from the future describing where you are at this time in exactly one year. What would you say to yourself and what guidance would you give to yourself now from your future self?  Open this letter in a year. -Choose a word for 2017. Feel into your word and embody it. Energize this word throughout the year by posting it all over your house, creating a storyboard and infuse your life with your word in a variety of creative and fun ways. -What would each day be like if you woke up everyday as if it was the first day and the last day of your life? As you think about and make plans regarding your intentions, goals and resolutions for 2017, remember to imbue the Magic of this type of presence each day. Live each day like it was your first day on this planet. Live each day like it will be your last. See what Magic happens! Happy and Magical New Year! May it be Your Best Year...

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Harness the Magic of Gratitude: 4 Terrific Tips

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It is true for all of us that life is a journey full of ups and downs. Whether it is an internal feeling about one’s life or the state of the world, sometimes it can feel hard to keep your chin up. I get this. Welcome to being human. You might say, “When things are going great then I am grateful but when things are falling apart that’s a different story.” Staying open to gratitude in each moment allows more Magic to happen. When we are exceptionally grateful while things are going awesome the awesome only blooms more. When we are thankful in the midst of trouble and problems we allow ourselves to feel the fullness of life, we can find joy even in the darkness and our life then becomes more manageable. Sometimes we become so focused on what we want and how we need to change that we neglect to remember all the blessings and Magic we already have in our lives. One of the most powerful things we can do is to remember, pay great attention to, and focus on that for which we are most grateful. Every day and in each moment. Feeling grateful creates new relationships and improves our current relationships. When we feel thankful for our lives, we are clearer and more mentally alert, we have more empathy and understanding and we sleep better. All of these benefits are superb, but in basic terms when we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude we are happier and healthier. Gratitude doesn’t take practice or cost any money and the benefits are enormous.   Four Terrific Tips to Cultivate More Gratitude   Gratitude Walk This is one of my favorite ways. One of the many things I am overwhelmingly grateful for is my wonderful four legged friend, Alchemy the Mystic Marshmellow. Every morning we walk. Often while walking I think about all the different things in my life I am grateful for and I get specific. When thinking of my dog I think of all the different ways that I am grateful, whether it is the love he brings into my life or his silly smile or how he inspires me to spend large amounts of time outside. I also appreciate everything I see such as clouds, trees and birds. I allow everything to move me into gratitude. I think of my life and all the blessings in it. I breathe into this gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just a thought, it is a feeling. The more you know what gratitude feels like in your body, the more you are able to call on gratitude,  and you can ultimately learn to access gratitude even in challenging moments. I encourage you to take a gratitude walk today!   Thank You Letters This is one I have known about for a long time and that I plan to incorporate more into my life. Writing letters of gratitude to those who have helped, supported or inspired you is wonderful. Not only is expressing your gratitude to others in writing good for you but you make the recipient of your letter feel fabulous. We need to give thanks more often  and compliment others frequently.   Gratitude Journal In the morning, before you go to bed or any time that seems appropriate write...

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10 Tips to Developing Your Intuition

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People always ask if I was born with special ‘powers’. They ask if I always knew I could read minds or if I have a photographic memory. While I incorporate a lot of different skills in my performances and presentations, every single person is capable of doing exactly what I do. And since we are currently immersed in the Halloween season, a time when real Magic oozes out of everywhere, it seems a perfect moment to develop our intuitive powers or strengthen the ones we already have. At Halloween the veil between worlds and dimensions is at its thinnest. Because of the ease of flowing into different realms, we have a stronger ability to access our well of wisdom within. Now is a wonderful time to ask questions and divine the answers, to deepen our connection with our intuition and to strengthen our relationship with ourselves. Why not reclaim the ancient wise woman or man within? When we are connected with our intuition we make better choices, we attract positive situations and create desired opportunities, our relationships improve, we thrive in our jobs and careers and most powerfully we enjoy our lives more fully. All of these things happen when we can hear our guidance and have the trust to listen and act. I invite you this Halloween to dive in. Light the cauldron inside.  Wear the costume of a powerful and intuitive person who can see situations clearly and who makes the most empowered choices in each moment. Allow this costume to become the reality that is you.    10 Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition Nature Spending time in the outdoors is the number one way that I tap into my intuition (for you it might be in the shower).  When we are outside our cognitive thinking mind relaxes. Being away from the world of sound and technology, we allow our intuition to speak to us. Often the trees, clouds and wind will whisper revealing messages to us.   Create! When we are involved in a creative activity like drawing, painting or playing an instrument, we become lost in creating. Our usual linear brain gets out of the way and a type of flow can develop allowing new ideas and insights to arise. Lose yourself in your art.   Pay Attention to Your Five Major Senses We are so busy going through our day that we don’t even stop to pay attention to the sounds, smells and sights around us. Develop a ‘stop and smell the flowers’ attitude. The more you can slow down and notice, the more information you will become aware of… Information that has many secrets and answers for you.   Awaken and Pay Attention to your Psychic Senses There is a plethora of ways to pick up on information. While often one will have a strong leaning and natural talent for one or two psychic senses, we can strengthen and learn to use all of our psychic senses to access our intuition and psychic powers. Here are five distinct different ways that we can pick up on information: Clairvoyant- The psychic ability of seeing. Clairsentient The psychic talent of feeling. Clairaudience The psychic skill of hearing. Clairgustance the psychic power of tasting. Clairessence: The psychic ability of smelling. Claircognisence The psychic ability of knowing. Personally I use...

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The Magic of Association in Memory

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In addition to the plethora of our more ordinary powers, I believe we have extra-ordinary powers that can help us tremendously in our lives. One of our superpowers is developing a strong memory. When we can remember our past mistakes we are less likely to repeat them. When we are capable of holding on to valuable information, anecdotes and ideas, we have much more wisdom to draw on in living our lives. Our creativity deepens. A good memory eases stress and promotes confidence and clarity. When we are confident and clear our relationships, sales and happiness increase. Mnemonsyne is the Goddess of Memory and is considered one of the most powerful of Goddesses. In Greek mythology Mnemonsyne is the mother of the nine muses of creativity, in other words, according to the ancient Greeks, memory is the foundation of all creativity.  Not just creativity in creating art but creativity in living our lives. Everyone can develop a super memory! Basic health habits help memory; eating well, getting great nourishing sleep, exercising long and often and reducing stress. In addition to health habits; in this article we will focus on the tool of association in helping improve our memories. If you have trouble remembering facts related to your job or school work, or current events, or people’s names, or any other type of information, the solution is to learn memory techniques. We need to put information in our head in a way that makes sense, association helps! To “associate” means to create a mental connection, and for most people the best way to create this connection is through visualization.  Association takes into consideration the amazing fact about human memory: most people remember images better than verbal or written information. Associating new information with information you already know is the key to memorizing something. Create a Picture in your mind of what you want to remember. The key is to make the visualization as exaggerated as possible. Use your vivid imagination, a strong sense of humor and exaggeration as much as you can when creating the image. Use all your Senses in the visualization… taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. The more you can smell, taste, touch, hear and see that which you want to remember, the better chance there will be that you actually will remember it! The visualization creates a cue for remembering the information. It acts as a mental hook you can grab onto to pull the information out of your memory and into your conscious when you need it. In addition, the very act of creating the image forces you to concentrate on the material like never before as you break down the information phonetically and visually. This also contributes to remembering the material. And having information stored in your visual memory in addition to your verbal memory (that is, in two different parts of your brain) creates two ways for you to remember it instead of just one. Additional Helpful Tools to Develop a Strong Memory *Stay on Track— Before you even walk into a room visualize why you are going there and what you want, this will keep you on track so you don’t walk into a room and forget why you went in there in the first place. *Talk to Yourself–If we verbalize out loud what we want...

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Experience More Magic In Your Life!

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  “I want to be magic. I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. I want to be a friend of elves and live in a tree. Or under a hill. I want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing. I don’t want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic.” – Charles de Lint I believe in Magic.  I mean, real living breathing Magic.  While it may be true that I can perform a show full of magical illusions this isn’t the kind of Magic I am talking about.  I am referring to those feelings and magical experiences that take us out of the mundane and give us a belief in something greater, an experience that provokes a feeling of enchantment.  Magic lives both inside us and around us, in each and every moment. There is infinite Magic in trees, in the way they smell and the sound of wind in their leaves.  There is magic in an embrace with a stranger or loved one and magic lives in poems and sonnets and Magic even resides in your toothbrush.     Webster’s Definition of Magic: Special power, influence, or skill.  Tricks that are done by a performer to entertain. My Definition of Magic: Feeling alive and inspired. The ability to turn Impossible into I’m Possible. It is ironic that when we feel in a state of limitless possibilities we say we are in an altered reality.  Perhaps it is the boring and stuck reality that is false and not the state of enchantment!  When we zone out and tune into the rhythm and sound of waves in the ocean or when we are 100 engrossed in a project that we lose time, perhaps these states are really what reality is! The true and pure Magical space. When we are in these places we feel good, we open and it’s in these moments when someone can tell us that a unicorn is coming for us and we might actually believe and see her! How can we experience more Magic while simultaneously living in a world that honors doing and accomplishing more than anything else?  While it can take a bit of focus to create a more Magical life, the results are worth their weight in gold.  While I probably would accomplish a lot more if I wasn’t the ultimate stop and smell the flowers type of person, I don’t think I could survive in this world if I wasn’t. When we allow ourselves to experience Magic we become more alive, life goes from black and white to Technicolor!  Experiencing Magic strengthens our creativity, our intuition and our wisdom.  We become aware of what is lurking below the everyday and can see and feel things that other people miss. There can be as many ways to experience Magic and wonder as there are people. The key is finding what awakens wonder in you and feed this part of yourself daily.  Some people enter a state of enchantment when they listen to music or gaze at a painting.  For me experiencing the natural world is the number one way I open to magic and possibilities.   Some Simple Ways to Tap into Magic Be present. Take time to smell the rose, the...

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Flower Walk to Enliven Your Magic

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One of the ways we can access our Power and Magic is by spending time in nature. When we appreciate the beauty of nature, we awaken to something larger and develop a greater belief in what is possible. Communing with trees, rivers, and flowers takes us into an altered reality where anything becomes possible. The reality police don’t exist while watching a sunset. When I am out in nature, the different winds singing through the tall grasses each have a unique message they reveal to me; the smell of the trees awakens worlds around and through me; and, while connecting to the roots of a plant, I feel grounded to the Earth. My all-time favorite bumper proudly states, “Nature is My Church.” I couldn’t agree more.   Find a time to walk in nature. Bring a notebook with you. Many of the geniuses of our time carry a notebook with them so that, whenever they receive an insight or piece of wisdom, instead of risking the chance of forgetting it they record it in their notebook. Find a flower that really captures your interest.  Stare at it; see shapes and sizes and textures that you have never seen in it before. Lose yourself in your spring flower.  Enjoy the strong fragrance that your flower may give off.  Merge with the growing alive being in front of you. It can sometimes help to relax your eyes and let your focus soften.  Remain open and aware and record any Magic and epiphanies that your flower may reveal to you. Happy Flower...

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