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‘The Magic Within’ at the Mercury Café
Computershare at AFP Conference


Thank you for kicking off our 2017 Planning Meeting last week with some very fun and creative, even magical thinking.  We have talked about you many times over the past week… all good of course, everyone is still trying to figure out you powers!  Erica, wanted to also thank you for hitting on all the key points so well, you really did a tremendous job learning our hot buttons and folding them into your speaking points.  Your energy is and was so infectious which really helped ensure our team had a great day.

-Greg Leonard, General Manager
Hyatt Regency

“I appreciate you spending time with myself and a good portion of my team at the event. We had such a good time with you and we are still talking about it. Company ‘things’ are too often so boring it is hard for me to even get my people to attend, but after experiencing your great personality and expertise in your area and the fact you are so fun………they may just chance going to the next one as well.”
– Kris Jorgenson
Quantum Corporation

“Thank you so much for making our event awesome!!! I received amazing feedback from everybody who went to you and it was a smashing success. I will definitely be recommending your services!”
-Nick Stofa
Regis University

“Thank you so much for your amazing performance. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive -Your contribution was a key to the success of our event. You are a remarkable talent and lady.”
– Maita Lester
Operations Director
Kabbalah Experience

“Erica was fantastic! She was engaging and fun and everyone was amazed at her performance and had a great time! Looking forward to an outing to see her perform downtown! Thank you Erica!”
– Karen A

“I wanted to send a brief note to thank you for your amazing and hilarious performance last week. I’ve found myself smiling more than a few times thinking about the experience you brought– thank you for sharing your energy and joy!”
– Mark Harrison

Erica Sodos is indeed a magical enchantress! She performed at our 20th annual Women’s and Gender Studies brunch, a celebration of the students and faculty in our department. She added feminist humor, scholarly interpretation, and fantasmagorical tricks in her presentation of women in magic. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s a real treat for all occasions!
– Dr. Jacqueline Goodman

Erica’s performance today was nothing short of jaw dropping. She is amazing, so beautiful inside and out. Her choice of themes for our PEO meeting ” empowering women” was inspiring. I was truly amazed by her ability to fool the eye and the senses.  Such a good job I was truly impressed. I want to be in her audience again and again.
– Betty Botts, Event Coordinator for PEO

“I want you to know that I was in awe with your show!! I appreciated so much about your performance: your animated joy and charisma; your charming magic; your wonderful characters; and esp-ecially your ESP ability! It was amazing to experience you knowing what the three of us had on our wish papers. I was moved to tears. You are an inspiration!!”
– Tessalin Green

“Erica had the audience in her hat. Ok, not quite, but they would have all followed her there-or anywhere. She IS magic.”
– Juliette Barsch
Concert Series Coordinator
Boulder Public Library

“I was completely blown away. Erica did things that were impossible – but I saw them happen! You really must see her next show!”
– Richard Shane

“Erica Sodos is magical on the inside and the outside. She inspired and empowered all the participants of our event and filled the room with light and laughter. Erica is a true light worker.. or light player!!!”
– Colleen Cannon
WomensQuest Leader and Creator

“Erica did an extraordinary job helping us make our 50th Anniversary Celebration a great success! She is an engaging and hugely entertaining performer. From the moment she walked into our event heads turned and people stopped and gathered around to see her amazing magic. She brought a ton of fun to our event, and we definitely look forward to having her back when we hold another event in the future.”
– Jason Bauer
VP Marketing, Boulder Valley Credit Union

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