Your people will leave my show feeling seen, entertained and ready to question their beliefs on what is possible.

And when people question limitations anything becomes possible!

Kicking off conferences is my specialty– I will give your conference the spark it needs to make sure that the attendees are ready, willing and committed to making your conference the best of their lives.

Five Minutes to See Erica Enchant

What People are Saying About Erica

“Erica kicked off our annual meeting with very fun, creative and even magical thinking. We have talked about her many times and everyone is still trying to figure out her powers! She hit on all our key points so well, and really did a tremendous job learning our hot buttons and folding them into her speaking points. Erica’s energy is so infectious which really helped ensure our team had a great day.”

Greg Leonard
General Manager Hyatt Regency

“Erica did an amazing job and the crowd loved her. She did great research, found out our important issues and what’s going on in our industry. She wove all of it seamlessly into her presentation. It was fantastic, entertaining, educational and motivational. I highly recommend her for your next event.”

Amy Long
Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau

“Working with Erica was the best experience of my life! Erica’s show was phenomenal and incredibly engaging for the audience. I would recommend Erica for any kind of speaking event.”

Vanessa Valesco
Society of Women Engineers

“We had such a good time with Erica and are still talking about it. Company ‘things’ are too often so boring it is hard for me to even get my people to attend, but after experiencing Erica’s great personality and expertise and the fact she is so fun………they may just chance going to the next one as well.”

Kris Jorgenson
Quantum Corporation

Guarantee your event will be a success…

…with a magical presentation that transforms your people, ties in all your needs and themes and challenges beliefs —-

  • Successful planning meetings
  • Develop a Super memory
  • Strengthen Empathy and Learn to Read People
  • Think outside the box
  • Believe in Greater Possibilities
  • Feel Seen, Celebrated and Appreciated
  • Work together Productively
  • Take Bigger Risks
  • No more boring events
  • Ensure conference attendees are ready and excited

Over 25 Years Experience

For over 25 years Erica has been entertaining, performing and speaking, and helping individuals and organizations tap into their magic within. Having made over 5,000 appearances nationwide, Erica is a rare gem, one of only a handful of female mentalists in the world and has been featured on National Public Radio.

Want to enchant your group into believing in the impossible? What do you have to gain? Only a happy productive team, more sales, improved relationships, a stellar successful event and…… possibly even the impossible! Call Erica at 720-883-6132 to transform your people and journey into the magic within your organization.