Welcome to the World of
Mentalist Magician Erica Sodos

Erica Sodos's interactive presentations, stage shows and close-up entertainment explore the magic that lives within each of us and uncovers what we are capable of when we have confidence and believe in ourselves. Whimsical, witty and overflowing with charm, Colorado entertainer Erica Sodos not only leaves her audiences thoroughly entertained they will feel changed and inspired… believing in real magic and their own power to make it happen. What is most impressive and special about Erica’s motivational keynotes and performances is that she has the audience performing incredible feats of magic and telepathy. One of the only female mentalists in the world, Erica takes her audiences on a journey into a world full of sleight of hand, mind and heart.

Enjoy exploring these pages and if you are looking for a keynote speaker or performer that will transform your event into an extraordinarily magical experience than please do not hesitate to contact Erica Sodos!

You can catch Erica the last Saturday of every month!

Erica Sodos Presents:
The Magic Within
Psychic Explorations in Telepathy and Empathy
March 29th, 7:00 PM
Opening Act: The Motown, pop and jazz music of Soulstice
Mercury Cafe
2199 California St Denver Colorado

Tickets can be purchased at the door or you can call 303-294-9258

Check out Erica's Website for Officiating Weddings and Other Ceremonies: EricaOfficiates.com

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