Welcome to the Inspiring World of Magician, Mentalist and Motivational Speaker Erica Sodos

Magician, Mentalist and Speaker Erica Sodos draws on her extensive experience in performing, teaching and acting to help her clients create exceptional Magical Experiences. Erica has performed and led workshops all across the country for all kinds of audiences ranging from women’s conferences and Fortune-500 corporate events to Las Vegas theaters and university campuses.  In addition to performing all over the country, Erica Sodos is well known in her local city of Denver as well as surrounding towns such as Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and many of the mountain resort towns.  She also has headlines in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

Overflowing with charm and exuberant humor, Erica Sodos will not only leave you thoroughly entertained, she inspires and transforms and helps her clients create truly successful, memorable and magical experiences.


Experience mind blowing magic
that expands belief in what is truly possible!


Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer

When you hire Denver psychic entertainer Erica Sodos you are in for a super fun, overwhelmingly entertaining and mind blowing experience.   Erica starts her psychic parties with a psychic show exploring telepathy, predictions, clairvoyance and other types of E.S.P. After the performance Erica will give you and all your guests insightful and spot on readings. Erica’s style of fortune-telling is an incredibly fun and engaging group type fortune-telling using palm reading and tarot cards.


Motivational Speaker

Erica Sodos creates customized keynotes to kick off and close conferences, and motivates teams and associations whenever they need an energizing lift. Her fun, entirely interactive and illuminating keynotes can best be described as part message, part entertainment and one hundred percent memorable and motivating. Erica can teach a variety of skills in her presentation, including non-verbal communication, tapping into your inner knowing and developing a super memory. During Erica’s presentations it is often the audience who become the stars of the show. You will leave Erica’s keynotes feeling thoroughly amazed, entertained and filled with refreshed inspiration.



The reason Erica’s clients hire her again and again is a combination of her awe inspiring magic, her professionalism and her ability to understand her clients events. After tens of thousands of shows Erica is a master in the art of performing magic shows. She can wow her audiences with visual magic such as levitating a table across the room or mystify with her mind magic such as her uncanny ability to know the thoughts of a random spectator. Her magic is deep, powerful and potent. If you want to guarantee a magical experience for your guests contact Erica Sodos for a free consultation.


Women’s Events and Conferences

All throughout her life Erica Sodos has worked as an activist for women. Now one of the few female Mentalists in the world, Erica Sodos presents her one of a kind mind expanding presentation to women all over the country. She explores the interchangeable world of magic and power in relation to women. With incredible new insights Erica examines why women in Magic and other powerful professions are so rare and how to change this reality. She uses mind reading and other illusions to demonstrate how we can tap into our intuition and unlimited power as women. If you are looking for a fascinating speaker who will bring an inspiring wow factor to your event, book Erica Sodos.


You can catch Erica the last Saturday of every month at the Mercury!


The Magic Within
Psychic Explorations With Erica Sodos

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January 27th 7:00 pm   

Mercury Cafe

2199 California St Denver Colorado

You can now order Erica’s new book The MPath, Journey to the Magic Within.


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