About Erica Sodos


Prepare thyself for a journey unlike any other! Erica’s one of a kind presentations and performances amaze and blow minds while they simultaneously energize and inspire corporations, teams and associations to believe anything is possible!

For more than 25 years Erica Sodos has been entertaining and motivating audiences all over the world. Before hitting the speaking scene, Erica was an actress, magician, theater educator, mentalist, clown and palm reader. A performer extraordinaire Erica has made over 5,000 appearances nationwide. She holds a BA in theater and is a National Speaker Association Member.

Erica combines her infectious eccentric personality with her mysterious intuitive abilities to create a program that will rivet your audience. Once she has their attention she will never let go, all the while inspiring and teaching the audience how to access their own abilities to create magic. Magic for their clients. Magic for their companies. Magic for themselves.

Erica motivates differently than other speakers. Blending mind reading and other thought expanding demonstrations with practical tools and hilarious fun, her presentations will inspire your team to think and act bigger. Their beliefs will be challenged as they step into the realm of creative and magical thinking.


Erica will study your industry, and get inside the minds of the people in your organization by learning your issues and hot buttons.  She will then customize her routines and keynote to relate to every single person in the audience. It is not uncommon for people to think that Erica works in their specific industry as by the time your event comes around she will know the ins and outs of your company and/or industry. One of the most common compliments Erica hears is how special she made everyone feel by taking so much time to learn and understand their desires and struggles.

If you are looking for a speaker who is fun, motivating and magical in the truest sense of the word then you need Erica Sodos! You definitely won’t find another speaker like Erica!